Tdbest Car Ionizer Air Purifier Portable

Key features:

  • Simple one button operation
  • Low noise for comfortable driving and resting
  • 100% satisfaction warranty & excellent customer service


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This portable car air purifier is the right choice to improve and purify air quality in your cars as well as at home and in your office area.

This Ionic air purifier by Tdbest takes an unusual approach to clearing the air.

It releases a steady stream of negatively charged ions that electrify the bits of dust, dander or other flotsam.

The airborne particles pick up the negative charge and become strongly attracted to positively charged collection plates inside the machine.

The device is equipped with advanced high-pressure ionization technology that purifies the air and kills bacteria only within 30 minutes.

And with the micro control technology, the device doesn’t require any replacements when it comes to filtering.

Eliminating 99% airborne bacteria and destroys odors and dispel gas, preventing from catching a disease or a virus being spread through the air.

It is a perfect for use in refrigerators, closets, shoe cabinet, bathrooms, baby room, pantries, pet zones, and in cars.


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