InvisiClean Personal Air Purifier with Fan [Wearable]

Key features:

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Built in fan and rechargeable battery
  • USB enabled to recharge the battery easily


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InvisiClean Air Purifier for home, office or car is simple compactly designed air purifier which can instantly make your surrounding air hygienic and healthy to breathe.

This ionic air purifier combats stale conditioned and heated air in the car and can help with the symptoms of car sickness.

The unique thing about these personal air purifier device is, it is made personally for a single person and can only work for a small area or room or a car.

So if you are in need of a device which can help you solely, this can be a right fit air purifier for you.

You can just plug this wearable air purifier into your car lighter or can wear it along your belt, around your neck with the included strap.

Within few seconds it is all set to remove pollen, dust, bacteria and viruses along with smoke & pet odors to generate fresh healthful air for a more blissful commute.

The negative ion captures bacteria and viruses so that you and your kids are not catching the latest bugs.

Toss it in your purse or computer bag on your daily commute. You will definitely find this small air purifier useful.


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