Apollo23-Silent USB Air Purifier

Key features:

  • convenient and practical
  • Silent Ionic Ozone Purifier
  • USB-powered Plug and play


Apollo23- Silent USB air purifier will be the right choice to improve the air quality of your surroundings, especially to eliminate odors, prevent fatigue and enhance your concentration.

The device uses a carbon fiber brush system which emits healthy negative ions into the air. The emitted negative ion then purifies the air removing toxic substances like odors, dust, molds etc.

You can directly plug this best ionic air purifier into your outer USB port. It is basically a plug and play look-alike air purifier device which is convenient and practical; known for effectively removing the air.

This air freshener weighs around 22 grams, with minimalistic design it attracts airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, pet dander and other small particles and eliminates static and reduces emi.

This portable air purifier for office has a unique USB kind of design with a rotatable cover well protects USB lead. With simple, no-nonsense feature it is amazing device designed at affordable rates to have it wherever you go.

This personal air purifier for airplane is very economical, inexpensive to run, and most importantly it operates quietly. You can hassle free carry on your task knowing that the air you are breathing is pollutant free.

Apollo23-Silent USB Air Purifier Rating
  • Looks, Working, Features, Durability

Apollo23-Silent USB Air Purifier (Overall)

Good USB enabled air purifier for your personal use