Deneve® Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy oil diffuser and humidifier

Perfect for Meditation, Yoga, Office or for Gift


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  • Let the Deneve Essential Oil Diffuser calm your mind and body. Add your favorite air diffuser oils as a natural air purifying deodorizer.diffuser oils as a natural air purifying deodorizer.
  • To cycle through modes, press on the top half with the sticker “PRESS DOWN FIRMLY HERE.”
  • SPECS: 4-5 hours of usage with full water capacity. 250 sq. ft. of coverage, 100-240V AC adapter. Weekly, use mild soap & water, or weak vinegar / water solution for *surface clean only.*
  • Why Deneve Created in the Heart of Southern California We understand the balance between quality and Price! We pride ourselves on responsive and quick solutions to any issues that may arise with Deneve products. Your 100% Satisfaction is what drives us to be the best, we guarantee it!


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