Welledia Wellspring Ceramic Diffuser + Humidifier (Black)

Key features

  • 90ml capacity – best for small rooms
  • Contemporarily designed with elegant look
  • Works quietly without any heat, noise or vibrations
  • LED lights for lifting your mood and also calming your senses
  • Features a one-button-operation and auto shut off functionality when the tank gets emptied


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When it comes to filling your room with fresh supply of aromatic air then all you need is a good aroma oil diffuser like Welledia Wellspring Diffuser.

The aroma diffusers manufactured by Welledia are available in unique world class designs at very affordable prices.

This compact size portable Welledia Wellspring Ceramic Diffuser requires very less space and can be placed on a nightstand in your office.

As the diffuser comes with a small 90ml capacity, it is an ideal device for small rooms, offices, spas, bathrooms, bedrooms, massage rooms, etc.


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