AromaCare 600ml Wood-Grain Diffuser Humidifier

Key features:

  • Large 600ml capacity
  • Filter free & ultra quiet operation
  • Designer wood grain diffuser with humidifier


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  • Large 600ml water capacity that can continue use up to 12-21 hours each time;Coloful changing LED lamp,romantic and convenient
  • Aromatherapy: Enjoy the ultimate aromatherapy experience from this little sleek device using your favorite fragrance without any heating elements making this diffuser safe to use. The advanced ultrasonic technology used, produces vibrations at high frequency turning the water into mist creating a soothing and therapeutic atmosphere
  • Humidifier: Moisturizes and refreshes the quality of air we breathe. This feature is important as it humidifies the hot and dry air in the room during summer and winter when heating is switched on
  • Ionizer: Produces “happy feeling” negative ions which help to lift your mood, strengthen the immune system and relieve stress. Negative ions have several other benefits to the respiratory system and general well being
  • Coloful changing LED light lamp,independent light-control with “INFONONLINE” BRAND


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