QUOOZ Lull Diffuser Ultrasonic 200 ml

Key features:

  • Adjustable soothing light
  • Auto shut off for safety at night
  • 200ml capacity to operate up to 8-10 hrs



The pollution of environment has been drastically increased in the present time.

Although we cannot take immediate measures to improve outdoor air quality, we can help in managing the quality of our indoors.

For this proper steps should be essentially taken for keeping our home environment healthy and purified.

If you are really concerned about making your home feel and smell good, installing a Quooz Lull diffuser is a one greatest way for you.

This brand new innovative and compactly designed Quooz Lull aroma diffuser is manufactured without compromising on quality standards and ensures complete safe for operation.

You just require to add tap water and essential oil to have good inhalation and enjoy better health. When the water drains, it automatically shuts off indicating to refill water and use like before.

Quooz Rockano Diffuser is also a good model by QUOOZ you can check for. It is attractively designed for complementing your home decor.

QUOOZ Lull Diffuser Rating
  • Looks, Working, Features, Durability

QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (Overall)

This is yet another great model to have, especially when you are in search for a good ultrasonic diffuser that is small and portable.