ECVISION Aroma Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic + Humidifier 500ml

Key Features:

  • Large 500ml capacity for enhanced humidity
  • Normal time of usage is up to 10 continuous hours
  • 4 Timer Settings 60 min, 180 min, 360 min, and ON
  • Comes with color changing LED lamps to enhance the mood and romance


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Stress has become a part of daily life. And because of stress people have to tackle many health issues like insomnia, fatigue, etc.

ECVISION Aromatherapy Diffuser with humidifier is manufactured by a reputed brand in the industry by matching all the quality standards and are known to release stress very efficiently.

If you like a rainbow and wish to bring it down to your table, then this color changing ECVISION oil aroma diffuser is your best choice.

This diffuser model not only helps in diffusing essential oils and humidifying dry air but also it helps in lifting up your mood by creating negative ions.

These negative ions produced by an ionizer offers several health benefits to the respiratory system and general wellbeing for the user.


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