NOW Solutions Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

Key Features:

  • 150 ml Real Bamboo Diffuser
  • 7-14 hours of diffusion based on usage
  • Auto shut off feature for the safety of the device



NOW Solutions Bamboo Diffuser is a high quality diffuser for people who love using fragrance in their offices or small rooms like bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

Since this is small and portable you can carry and use it anywhere you want.

The best thing about this NOW diffuser bamboo is its beauty and real bamboo or wooden looks. It therefore matches perfectly with your rooms and can be a great addition for any home.

And since it does not cost you much you can also buy one for gifting to your loved ones…

NOW Solutions Bamboo Diffuser Rating

NOW Solutions Bamboo Diffuser (Overall)

One of the best diffuser by a leading manufacturer