SpaRoom® AromaHarmony Bluetooth Diffuser 115ml

Key features:

  • 115ml capacity
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • 3 different lighting options
  • Works for up to 300 sq. ft. rooms


SpaRoom AromaHarmony is a bluetooth diffuser model that can be operated easily through bluetooth.

AromaHarmony Ultrasonic Diffuser and Mister from SpaRoom comes with an auto shut off safety feature that helps keep your room fragrant and relaxing always without any risk.

With this color changing diffuser at home or office you can relax like in spa.

The light can be shut down according to your preference so that you can enjoy bliss full night sleep in a most relaxing manner.

How to Use SpaRoom AromaHarmony Bluetooth Diffuser?

SpaRoom AromaHarmony Bluetooth Diffuser Rating
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SpaRoom AromaHarmony Bluetooth Diffuser (Overall)

One of the best Bluetooth Diffuser by SpaRoom