SpaRoom Aromafier Portable Diffuser

Key features:

  • Battery or USB powered
  • Comes with a LED light for soothing affects
  • Works silently on your desktop or in a car to produce aroma
  • Available in bright stylish colors like white, blue, green, or purple


SpaRoom Aromafier is a high quality portable essential oil diffuser with a sleek and trendy design.

Powered by Battery or USB, you can use this compact size SpaRoom Aromafier for office, home, spa, car and travel.

You just need to connect this compact palm sized device with a USB slot of computer, laptop or Mac and enjoy its function around.

The device also comes with 3 SpaRoom aromafier refill pads that can be replaced easily after extended usage.

Why not check it out online and get one now for your family or friends. This can also be an awesome gift for anyone you love gifting.

SpaRoom Aromafier Review (Video)

SpaRoom Aromafier Portable Diffuser Rating
  • Looks, Working, Features, Durability

SpaRoom Aromafier Portable (Overall)

One of the best portable diffuser for desktop and travel