Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier 500ml

Key features:

  • 500ml capacity diffuser
  • Perfect for large rooms bedroom and offices
  • 7 Color LED Lights Changing and Waterless Auto Shut-off


Radha Beauty is a brand that is known for manufacturing high quality portable sized diffusers and essential oils for healthy living.

With these high quality diffusers on board you can now take your favourite scents with you anywhere you like.

Not only for your bedroom, but you can also use them for your baby’s room, spa, gym or at school.

Diffusers manufactured by Radha Beauty are quiet easy to operate and clean. These are available in various different colors and sizes. Its 500ml big size model is highly in demand.

Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuse: Ideal for Gifting

If you’re in the market for a nice and practical gift, you can stop looking and go with Radha Beauty aromatherapy diffusers.

Some of the best benefits offered by these aroma oil diffusers are:

  • Let you enjoy aromatherapy where ever you move
  • Various calming lights which can change from one to another very smoothly
  • Relives symptoms associated with cold, fever and flu, itchy dry skin, chapped lips and dry eyes

As the leading manufacturer of aromatherapy diffusers, Radha Beauty also offers replacement warranty on all of their diffusers offering you with the perfect value for money.

While using aromatic oils with Radha Beauty ultrasonic diffusers, it is advised to utilize high quality essential oils manufactured by Radha Beauty.

These helps to create refreshing cool and fine mist in the atmosphere to maintain amazing environment near you.

Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml Rating
  • Looks, Working, Features, Durability

Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier 500ml (Overall)

Good overall machine to diffuse essential oils in large area…