Greenair Scent Pod Oil Diffuser

Key features:

  • Needs no water
  • Works with Battery, USB or AC adapter
  • Portable car diffuser for on the go aromatherapy


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GreenAir scent pod oil diffuser is a compact and portable oil diffuser which works with a set of AA batteries, an AC adapter or a USB adapter.

It offers potent benefits of aromatherapy making it beneficial for your health.

If you are one among the most caring members about the health of your family or business colleagues, then this GreenAir USB Diffuser is the right choice for you.

The silent fan installed inside this smart device disperses the aroma gently which feels pretty good.

It is one of the best devices to install in your car, besides your nightstand and even in your office for a feel of aromatherapy atmosphere.

Plug it into the desktop port present in your study room or in the drawing hall; relax sitting on your comfy chair and let the poet in you perform the rest of the work.

Being a perfect device to carry to any place, most of the corporates, employees and even college students are geared up with the USB aroma diffusers like GreenAir USB Aroma Diffuser.

How To Use GreenAir Scent Pod Diffuser USB


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