Greenair Serenity Ultrasonic Diffuser Zen, Black

Key features:

  • Runs for up to 8 hours
  • Good for spa, studio, home, or office
  • Sleek black color with Zen look to decor your interiors


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Green Air ultrasonic diffuser are most demanded due to affordable cost and amazing features when compared to the other diffusers.

One great type of aromatherapy diffusers that are becoming much popular are Serenity Ultrasonic Diffuser by GreenAir.

As soon as you plug in the diffuser, the oil begins to disperse in the area and within very few moments the soothing fragrance engulfs your whole body, mind, soul and the spirit that lets you feel heaven on earth.

Not only at your home, but also in your business when you want to have a commercial place that can attract clients comfortably for a good business relation, this sort of diffusers can work great.

By making the area quite peaceful, fresh, active and impressive to work it not only improves your health but also the productivity and mood.


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