Envion Humidiheat 3-in-1 Heater, Humidifier and Air Washer

Key features:

  • Heat, humidify and clean the air
  • Low water sensor and auto shut off
  • Washable filter that can washed multiple times


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Air Purifier, Heater & Humidifier are important for any household (or on office building) to guarantee a healthy living environment.

Although the purpose, for which these equipment are designed, does not vary on a great extent all of these work differently to enhance the air quality and to provide comfortable air for breathing.

Air Purifier is important when you need to ensure that the air we breathe-in is clean and not polluted. These are helpful for people who are allergic to dust.

Heater serve the purpose to keep a room or office building warm in winters.

Room Humidifier comes handy to exactly provide the opposite effect of a heater – it makes the room humid and bit cool.

A humidifier is important to release the moisture content in a room in dry conditions. This helps in avoiding too much dryness that leads to dry skin or sore throat.

As there are chances that a room gets too much dried off in winters, it is good to get a room humidifier combo device that comes along with heater.

Buying The Best Heater Humidifier Combo

Winter is nearing and everyone among us is trying to renovate our home or an office in a better way to accommodate the arriving winter.

All these equipment are available for sale in the market separately which can be purchased and installed in our room required space according to our requirements.

But buying them separately sometimes can be tiring and may take away most money from your hands.

The best thing you can do to ease your pocket is buy an air purifier humidifier combo unit which serves your purpose well and good.

As there are heater humidifier combo with air purifier all in one units available you can buy a single device for all your requirement without wasting your money.

A device like Envion Humidiheat comprises of silent ultrasonic humidifier that produces therapeutic comfort, which you have never felt before.

This energy efficient heater with humidifier device creates a soothing warm atmosphere without over drying it. You should definitely check this out while buying.

Overall the device comes with all the special features to provide best convenience and safety for everyday use.


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