Honeywell Easy to Care Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-710

Key features:

  • 3 speed settings
  • Runs up to 36 hours
  • Easy to care and clean


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Honeywell filter free cool mist humidifiers are best to opt when you are searching for a high quality humidifier for your family.

Honeywell Easy to Care Cool Mist Filter Free Humidifier HCM-710 is the latest model which was launched by the brand after the success of its previous HUT-200.

The tank capacity is 1.0 gallons and filling/refilling of the tank is as easy as watering the plants. The parts of the unit are easy to remove and clean in a dishwasher. You can wipe the surfaces easily to clean the unit.

Variable mist controls are provided with an auto shut off feature which indicates that when the right time to refill the unit is.

Overall the Honeywell Easy to Care Cool Mist Filter Free Humidifier unit is great to buy for small or medium sized rooms (like bedrooms or kid’s room) as it can run easily up to 46 hrs per filling.

Just go for it and you will be pleased with the investment you make.


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