Anjou Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser 300ml

Key features

  • BPA free safe material which is hygienic to use
  • 300ml of capacity for up to 8hrs of continuous use
  • Waterless auto shut off feature to make the unit work safely
  • 7 color changing cute crystal night light (you need not have another night light in your room)


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Anjou Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with humidifier is a portable device that suits your home or office perfectly.

This brand new humidifier with diffuser provides an ease with its functioning as it comes with an refillable tank that can be filled easily with purified water whenever needed.

This aromatherapy diffuser with humidifier works perfectly to eliminate the dry air that fills in your room causing cough and sinus irritation.

You can easily install it to your bedside or in living room, and the diffuser will do the rest for you automatically.

Besides the above, the wood grain design of this Anjou oil diffuser makes it more attractive making it perfectly fit into your reception, yoga studio, bedroom, and baby room among others.

Anjou aroma oil diffusers are also available in various colors as well as sizes like 200ml and 500ml. You can choose the one that suits your room and personal requirements.

While buying one online do not forget picking an Anjou essential oil kit that works perfectly with your diffuser.

Beautiful and attractive design of the device also make this an ideal gift for anyone. You can buy it as a gift for your loved ones on occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary, etc.


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