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4 Exciting Ways To Make Your Home Smell like Cinnamon or Vanilla

Both cinnamon and vanilla are natural, pleasing scents that are often used to cover for unpleasant odors that might be generated in the kitchen.

However, you can have the scent of cinnamon or vanilla in your home all the time.

This makes your residence more pleasing to be in as is the perfect welcome for family, friends, and guests.

There are inexpensive short-term solutions that you can use to make your home smell like vanilla or cinnamon. Or, you can invest in products that will produce a long-term effect.

The choice is yours, but it is generally best to start with the most inexpensive means to produce a pleasing scent.

What follows is a couple of choices that will work on a temporary basis and are very cheap to do.


Boiling Cinnamon

Purchase a few cinnamon sticks and place them in a pot of water on your stove. Turn on the stove and bring the water to a boil.

Once the water starts to boil, turn off the stove and the heat will release the scent from the sticks which will fill your home.

Once the fragrance of cinnamon goes away, you can re-heat the water back to a boil and shut off the stove again.

This can be done several times if you desire before the sticks are fully consumed.

Using Cinnamon Sticks

If you want to temporarily fill your home with the scent of cinnamon, start by filling a saucepan about halfway up with water.

Add a couple of cinnamon sticks to a saucepan and make sure they are submerged below the water.

At this point, you can add other elements as well which may include the following;

  • Apple Wedges
  • Citrus Peels
  • Whole Cloves

Put the saucepan on the stove and set to medium heat. Once it begins to simmer, turn the heat down to medium-low.

From that point, you’ll want to check on the saucepan every so often to ensure it has the same amount of water. Add water when needed.

This will work for about four to six hours before you need to pull the saucepan off the stove and dispose of the contents.

This is perfect when you invite guests over and want a temporary pleasing scent that permeates your home.

Using cinnamon sticks is a popular way to get this scent in your home. However, there is another form of cinnamon that works quite well which is its essential oil.

Using either cinnamon or vanilla essential oil is also inexpensive and provides other ways of getting the scent to permeate your residence.

Using Cotton Balls with Essential Oil

One of the most affordable ways to infuse your home with the scent of vanilla or cinnamon starts with a few cotton balls that are saturated with either cinnamon or vanilla essential oils.

Get a few saucers with the saturated cotton balls on them and place the dishes around the home.

The fragrance from the cinnamon or vanilla essential oils will last for a few days. Once the scent wears off, you simply replace the cotton balls with new ones that have been saturated.

This method will help you decide whether having the scent is right for you. Plus, you can place them in certain locations such as the living room or bedroom if you want to localize the aroma.

A bag of cotton balls, assuming you do not already have them in your home for other uses, is quite cheap. Plus, a small bottle of essential oil is inexpensive as well.

You may put the saucers near a fan to help spread the scent as well, though this will help to dry out the oil quicker.

Using Cinnamon Essential Oil in a Diffuser

If you enjoyed having the scent of vanilla or cinnamon in the home using the cotton balls, then it may be time to invest in an essential oil diffuser.

A diffuser is a device that turns the essential oil into a fine mist which permeates the residence with the scent of vanilla, cinnamon, or whatever essential oil you may want to use.

There are different types of diffusers. Arguably the most well-known is the diffuser that heats the oil and allows for the scent to fill a room.

However, heated diffusers do carry the small risk of being near a flammable fabric and catching fire, although modern designs make this quite unlikely.

modern type of diffuser simply turns the essential oil into a fine mist without heating it.

This means that there is no risk to using the diffuser, although you may discover a very light film of essential oil that has been projected from the diffuser.

The essential oil of cinnamon and vanilla is harmless, although you may have to do a little extra cleaning depending on where it is placed.

To use a diffuser properly, fill it with the cinnamon or vanilla essential oil and follow the instructions found on the device.

good diffuser will work for several hours and perhaps all-day depending on its design.

This means that you can fill it up in the morning and the diffuser will work all day long. You will want to place the diffuser in the right location depending on your needs. These may be:

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Hallway
  • Near a Window

You can use the breeze coming through the window to help spread the mist generated by the diffuser. You may also use a fan, but that is generally not necessary.

The diffuser can also be used in the kitchen and even the bathroom if you want a pleasing scent to permeate the room.

Overall cinnamon and vanilla essential oils are the perfect way to provide a wonderful scent to your home. They are safe, inexpensive, and when used properly can be quite pleasant without being overpowering.

Before you purchase a diffuser, buy a small bottle of essential oil of either cinnamon or vanilla and use the cotton ball method to see if this is right for you.

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