Are Beeswax Pillar Candles Toxic or Safe for Aromatherapy?

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In the modern era, aroma candles have emerged to be one of the means of luxury. These are today a perfect inclusion in any room décor.

The use of aromatic candles in promoting good health is the most prominent. When they burn they help you in relaxing by letting out your all-day anxiety and stress.

Now a day, there are various kinds of aroma candles made? These are prepared with special elements like soy, paraffin, beeswax, etc.

What are Beeswax Candles?

How are beeswax candles made – the ingredients?

Well, as the name suggests Beeswax Pillar Candles are prepared by using beeswax. The process is 100% natural and chemical-free.

The candles are beautiful to look and have been prepared aesthetically for ages.

These are yellow in color with a rich texture. They have a mild scent and when burnt, they create a subtle aroma in the whole place.

When buying care that these candles do not contain any fixed ingredients.

While some of them may contain 5% beeswax (with a major ingredient as paraffin) many of these are also available with 100% pure beeswax.

Make sure that you check them labeled as “100% pure beeswax candles” if you want to get the maximum benefits of beeswax.

Benefits of Beeswax Candles

One of the best advantages of Beeswax candles is it rejuvenates you by producing a calming effect which helps you get rid of anxiety and stress.

Created by Mother Nature these hypo-allergenic candles are the best stress reliever. Which means after having a hectic day outside, these can prove to be a real treat for you.

Few other pros and cons of of burning beeswax candles at home are:

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☑ Smell Great

Burning of beeswax candle produces a natural scented smell of honey all around.

Some of them also produce the most appealing natural scent of floral nectar in the honeycomb.

☑ Burn Beautifully

As compared to other varieties, beeswax pillar candles burn stronger and much brighter while emitting the natural bright light that resembles the spectrum of the sun.

The good thing is, as they age it burns even more beautifully. Make sure that you trim them properly to get a perfect flame when burned.

☑ Safe and Non Toxic

Originated from a renewable fuel (beeswax) these are all-natural.

In fact, the beeswax pillar candles are environment-friendly, safe and non-toxic in nature; which makes them ideal for home use.

As these candles are prepared from all-natural ingredients (with no chemical processing), these don’t contain any allergic substance that can risk your body.

That is why you can even burn it in your kid’s room.

☑ Natural Ionizer/Purifier

Aromatherapy beeswax candles work like an indoor air purifier – when burnt it produces negative ions that are released into the air.

These ions help in trapping various unwanted materials in the air like dirt, dust, pollen, viruses, and others.

By cleansing and improving the air quality these ensure to have a cleaner environment all around.

☑ Hold On the Goodness for Long

These candles being oil-less & drip-less, burn for a very long period of time as compared to other types of aromatherapy candles.

The high melting point of beeswax is also a reason which makes them burn longer (about 2-5 times). The high cost of these candles is not an issue due to this very feature.

The only cons of burning beeswax candles at home is its expensive price tag (about 10 times higher than paraffin) due to all-natural rare material.

Studies showed that the bees need to fly for about 150,000 miles to collect the nectar that can produce about 5-6 pounds of honey.

Also, the estimation showed that for every 100 pounds of the honey that is harvested only 1-2 pounds of the beeswax is obtained successfully.

This makes the beeswax rare and expensive.

How to Burn Beeswax Candles?

Burning beeswax candles safely at home is important so that you enjoy its benefits and charm for long without any risk.

No matter you are using your beeswax candles on a romantic candlelit dinner or just for relaxing on your deck (with few pillars burning), here are a few important tips that will help you out in burning them safely…

  • Remove the paper label before burning
  • Trim the candle wick to 1/4″ before burning
  • Never leave them unattended while burning
  • Use a pillar plate or a pillar holder when burning
  • Keep the candles far away from children and pets
  • Keep them away from any type of flammable materials
  • Place the candle on a stable flat surface that is heat resistant
  • Do not burn them in a hurricane glass or any other tall-walled container

Above all, while burning your beeswax candles always place them in a draft-free environment that is away from fan, open window, air duct, etc. to avoid any kind of dripping or smoking.

Also, do not use the beeswax pillar candles as a night light, extinguish them properly using a snuffer before going to bed.

How Long Do Beeswax Candles Burn?

How long your beeswax candles will burn for will depend on the type and size of candle you are using.

✓ If you are using a beeswax tea light made up of 100% beeswax it should burn for 8-9 hours.

✓ Votives that are typically 2 inches in diameter (and 3 inches tall) can burn for about 15-16 hours.

✓ Beeswax pillar candles that are over 5 inches in diameter can have much longer burn time of 50-80 hours.

Where To Buy Beeswax Pillar Candles?

You can buy these candles from your nearby physical store or at online stores like,, etc.

Here you can find a huge variety of these aroma candles at a most affordable price. Believe it or not, they come with a price tag that will amaze you.

Some of them are simple while many others are meant for home decoration in a perfect manner.

Beeswax pillar candles also prove to be a perfect gift item for your loved ones at occasions like Christmas, Wedding, Birthdays, etc.

So, are you ready to embrace the goodness of these candles?

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