5 Best Ways to Remove Pet Odor in Your Apartment

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Well, that’s the first expression you get from the people who enter your doors and it reeks of pet odor.

It leaves a bad impression on you, makes your visitors uncomfortable and surely it is not healthy for your pet either.

The worst thing is, that with time, you won’t be able to make out if there is an odor or not.

Sometimes, even the most conscientious pet lovers have a hard time removing the pet smell, especially when bathing frequently isn’t an option.

What Causes Pet Odor At Home?

Basically, your pet stinks for similar reasons you do if you don’t bath. Dogs just need around 6 baths a year – more than that could cause stiff fur and rashes.

Basically, your furry friends sweat. They have wax build-up in their ears.

And, they do not sweat via its body but through its feet, thereby traipsing the floor and furnishing. This makes a large part of stink.

The wax build-up begins to smell like yeast after days. They begin scratching their waxy ears with sweaty paws and lay down on the couch or carpet.

Though, intentional but it does leave poor odor everywhere.

Speaking about marking their territory, pets do not just urinate to mark their territory. Right from oil skin scent to smell of saliva, everything helps them to mark their area.

All these odors add together to bring up a smell which a human nose hates. And, thus this is how your house gets filled with pet odor so easily.

Keep Your Pet Clean To Stop Odor

When your pet takes a bath, does it shakes to get rid of the excess water? Well, it is a breeding ground for bacteria. So, try to avoid it.

Instead, towel dries it or blow dry it especially in the leg area. Make sure you dry the foot and toes to keep smelly bacteria away.

Pets have bad breath.

So, when they lick themselves or things they like, the bad breath spreads all over your house. You should clean their teeth often and manually brush for better oral hygiene.

Remove odor-causing saliva.

Pets have saliva and if your pet has a dirty mouth, then the saliva will also stink. The saliva often gives a stain where it falls.

Thus, it is important to clean the mouth of your dogs/cats and remove the stains with a stain remover.

5 Best Ways to Get Rid Of Pet Odor

Apart from keeping your pet clean and killing the infection of your animal, you should focus on the ways by which you can easily get rid of pet odor from your apartment or house.

Below are a few tips you may find useful…

1- Clean the lounging areas

Sometimes pet owners clean everywhere but the pet’s area. If your pet has its own space, with its bedding and toy, then you may not feel the need to clean it frequently and trespass its place.

But, remember anything your pet touches, sleeps on or sits catches the smell including its toys and bedding. Thus, make sure you wash the toys and bedding frequently.

2- Get rid of fur-riddled filters

It is advisable to change your filters two times in a year. However, if you have a pet, then you should do it every month.

If your house stinks of pet odor, take a look at your filters. Filters may be clogged with dust, fur, and dander. Clean and replace them to purify the air from pet fur and odor.

3- Keep the air fresh and clean

Open windows, spray a room freshener and let the fresh air in. It is good for everyone and an amazing way to keep smells away.

If you want you can also add devices like SpaRoom Scentifier aroma diffuser by which you can build a fresh and nourishing ambiance inside.

Unlike air fresheners, harsh cleaning chemicals, and toilet sanitizers, these essential oil diffusers will naturally clean the indoor air and freshen up the area very easily and for longer.

4- Vacuum more often and mop with vinegar

Vacuuming keeps the pet smell at bay. Hence, it should be done on a weekly basis to dry vacuum the furnishings and floor.

For furry pets, you should vacuum every second day to strip, neutralize and remove fur from your home.

To neutralize and deodorize your home, you should mop the hardwood floor with vinegar. The sweat and saliva of your pet on the hardwood floor makes it smelly.

Use one part of vinegar and three parts of water to mop the floor every week to keep the pet smell out.

5- Neutralize smelly couches, beds, furnishings, carpets

The major reason why your house has a pet smell is because of your carpets and furniture.

Even if your pet doesn’t sit on the furniture, the saliva, fur, and paw get on everything it touches.

Thus, it is important to rid your carpet and furnishings of smell by – stripping, dry vacuuming, shampooing and neutralizing and deodorizing.

Prep to do before shampooing

Begin with furnishings, bedding, and linens. Remove the cushion covers, pillow covers, slipcovers, bed covers frequently.

Remember to flip mattress and vacuum before you use a steam cleaner. Strip and vacuum!

Vacuum all the places, behind cupboards, below the couches everywhere.

If needed, you can hire a professional cleaner to clean your furnishings and to do dry vacuum.

Try DIY deodorizing mix

A lot of pet owners have got successful in removing the odor by using a DIY deodorizing mix which works very well. You can also order commercial pet deodorizers.

If you want you can use apple cider vinegar and baking soda OR white vinegar with baking soda to clean the fabric, mist the air and more.

After deodorizing the house, it important to go for a routine clean up to remove the smell of dogs and cats.

After replacing the linens, sprinkle some baking soda by lifting the cushions of sofa and couch.

Let it stay there for at least 12 hours and then vacuum it out. Perform this on a weekly basis to eliminate odor.

Baking soda is a smell absorber and it takes all the stink away very easily. However, if you do not like its smell, add some fragrant powder to include a scent in the room.

Hopefully, with these helpful points, you can keep your house free from foul pet odor. These can help keep your apartment fresh and good smelling even with your pet inside.

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