Oil Diffusers Can Ruin Your Furniture and Decor: Use Them Safely!!!

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Those relaxing, aromatic fragrances supplied by your oil diffuser can provide you with a whole host of benefits.

From reducing inflammation and congestion to supercharging your brain cells for improved cognitive function, you can enjoy a range of health benefits from this single device.

They are not without risk, though!

One major problem with using these diffuser oils and machines is it’s risky for your expensive home decor and furniture.

Believe it or not, oil diffusers can actually ruin your furniture due to spilled essential oil on wood.

Luckily, a few quick tips can save you from the frustrating chore of having to refinish or replace your furniture.

How Can Oil Diffusers Ruin Your Furniture?

As mentioned above oil diffusers can take a toll on your furniture if misused or misplaced.

But if you are still a bit skeptical about the question do oil diffusers ruin furniture and other items in your home, let’s take a look at a concise list so you’ll have a full picture of the matter.

1. Carpet stains – Spilled essential oils on carpet can cause stains. And these stains hat can be a tricky thing to deal with when you’re using essential oils.

Some of the lighter colored oils may not leave a glaring stain, but even a small stain on your carpet is next to impossible to get out entirely.

2. The drips – If there is a small amount of oil on the bottle in which it’s stored, setting that bottle on a piece of furniture with a finish can cause it to stick.

When you lift it, the bottle could very pull the finish up or leave a residue. Make sure your containers are clean!

3. Leaks – It is possible and has been reported that some diffusers may eventually spring a leak. In addition to this, drips can occur by accident.

To avoid the damage this can cause try placing your diffuser on a plate, or a plant tray.

4. Paintings/artwork – For the same reasons as already mentioned, an oil diffuser can make your Da Vinci look like a Picasso if you set it too close to the painting.

This is more a result of the moisture than anything else.

How To Remove Oil Stains From A Wood Table?

One of the most common places to find yourself with an oil stain is on a wood table simply because that’s generally where people place their diffusers.

This is obviously no one’s fault. Accidents happen!

In case you find yourself with an oil stain on your wood table or surface, let’s take a look at what you can do.

Option #1: Assuming the oil hasn’t soaked into the wood yet, and it’s a recent spill, one of your best options is to soak it up with a newspaper.

After you have gotten all the moisture up, gently rubbing the stain with mineral spirits and then finishing up with a mild detergent will go a very long way in removing any stains from wood.

This is especially effective on polyurethane-finished surfaces.

Option #2: If the spilled essential oil on wood occurred on a waxed surface, gently rubbing with a super-fine grade steel wool followed by tongue oil or furniture wax can make the stain almost entirely invisible.

Make sure you sop up any standing liquid with a newspaper before doing so.

Option #3: Covering the stain with baking soda and letting it sit for ten minutes can help soak up the oil.

After ten minutes, you can clear away the baking soda and make a paste of dry cleaning solvent and Fuller’s Earth.

Spread the paste on the stain until it fully dries. Scrub the paste off after it has dried and discard. Voila!

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Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Oil Diffuser In A Room?

It is a little bit of a balancing act to find the perfect place for your diffuser.

On the one hand, you want to make sure you place the diffuser somewhere where your experience of the aromatic benefits is at its finest.

You also want it to blend in with your home décor and not stand out like a sore thumb.

However, you don’t want to run the risk of the diffuser oil spilling, or the moisture getting where it shouldn’t like under wallpaper, which can lead to peeling.

Here are a few quick tips and considerations about how to properly position your diffuser in your home:

Don’t Place It Too High

It’s generally agreed upon that the best place in terms of maximizing the benefits is to place the diffuser below eye level.

The reasoning behind this is that mist from your diffuser will naturally rise on its own.

Meaning the dispersion will be too distributed in the room which your diffuser is in if it’s placed too high.

Not Too Close To Any Walls

If your diffuser is too close to any walls, that could result in a couple of negative things.

Firstly, it’s been reported on a few occasions that the moisture from diffusers can work its way under wallpaper and cause it to peel.

It’s also possible that certain oils can stain even in a diluted concentration.

Additionally, if your diffuser is misting upward and the mist is gathering on the wall, less of the oil will end up in the air and ultimately to you.

Out Of The Reach Of Kids Or Pets

A rickety end table or on a shelf where the kids’ toys are may not be an excellent place for your diffuser.

Also if you are placing a device closer to your children or pets they can accidentally knock into them.

Spills can actually cause a great deal of damage not only from the water itself getting where it shouldn’t but as mentioned a moment ago, some oils can cause stains that are very difficult to remove.

Even on hardwood, and also if you manage to mop up the stain very quickly, oils can ruin the finish of your furniture which can result in you having to replace or refinish.

Safe and Sound!

Oil diffusers can offer you a fantastic range of health and wellness benefits, and if used wisely, any risk of damage to your furniture can be eliminated entirely.

One of the primary benefits of an oil diffuser is its unparalleled ability to help reduce stress.

Making sure your home remains beautiful and stain-free will be an extra layer of peace of mind. We hope this information was useful for you!

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