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Aromatherapy Necklace Diffuser: How Does It Work and How To Make A DIY One At Home?

Aromatherapy is basically referred to as a wonderful science of healing the body, mind, and soul.

It works through essences which are naturally extracted from the plants and its various parts (like flowers, leaves, stem, branches, and roots).

Although the therapy works wonderfully and is all-natural, most of the times people cannot enjoy its benefits due to the lack of time.

If you are one among them, we have some great aromatherapy jewelry, necklaces, and pendants for you available in the market.

What is an Essential Oil Jewelry?

The history of wearing such jewelry is dated back to ancient times.

Available in jewelry options like aroma lockets, necklaces, rings, bracelets, amulets and many more; you can pick your favorite aroma jewelry diffuser online in recent times too.

Designed specially in a way to suit modern style, this wearable, portable and fashionable essential oil jewelry does not compromise with your style statement.

Equally suitable for men as well as women these can be worn to enjoy the best therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy without visiting a spa center.

The best part is you not only can use these jewelry diffusers while at home or at work, but also can enjoy its benefits on the go or while traveling with your friends or family.

Why Use Diffuser Necklace Jewelry?

The best part of using diffuser necklace or aromatherapy jewelry is you do not have to carry huge diffuser devices or oil bottles to use it. These are hence handy and money saver.

Designed to remove bad odor around and purify the air for healthy breathing, you can enjoy the fragrance of your favorite essential oils along with its medicinal benefits anywhere you want.

Equally useful for men and women, it helps to release the stress and tension with ease.

Considered as a perfect gift for friends and loved ones, these necklaces are great for people who are passionate about aromatherapy.

They will simply love carrying it to the gym, salon, office or just anywhere they want.

How Does an Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser Work?

Depending on the design and material used in the essential oil jewelry, aromatherapy necklaces can work in different ways.

Some of them come with a small sponge, beads or a felt pad inside which trap the essential oils and then diffuses the same slowly through the tiny holes making the nearby atmosphere fragrant.

Some of them (especially the ones made up of glass) trap the essential oils inside their coverings and slowly seep the oil out making the atmosphere scented.

In order to make these jewelry pieces work, you only need to add a few drops of undiluted essential oils into the unit. This may last for a whole day to come and can work to release your stress automatically.

When you find that the aroma has faded away, you can then add some more drops of essential oils. This can be same or a different unique blend.

No matter what material is used in making these aromatic essential oil jewelry diffusers, these are designed in such a way that the essential oil is absorbed completely into the device.

This ensures that the clothing and the skin of the wearer do not come in contact with the concentrated essential oils, which can sometimes prove risky.

What Material Is Used to Make Aromatherapy Jewelry?

Searching over the Internet will provide you with a wide variety of aromatherapy jewelry diffusers.

Although the concept and working procedure are nearly the same, these can be made up of various different materials (inner and outer) and can be bought as per your personal preference and budget.

While the function of the inner material is to soak the essential oils, the outer material serves as a way to beautify the jewelry.

  • Some of the most common inner materials used to hold the essential oils include: Felt pad, Lava stone, and Leather
  • Some of the common outer materials used for making jewelry diffusers include Silver, Gold, Stainless steel, etc.

In case you have a special preference for silver, you can then have a sterling silver aroma diffuser necklace which can be the best option for you.

Not only sterling silver diffuser necklaces, but you can also find other jewelry items like bracelets, amulets, earrings, rings, pendant, etc. made up of silver according to your preference.

Leading stores such as Amazon comes with a vast range of essential oil jewelry items so that you can find the most affordable one easily.

So why not buy one for yourself or for gifting them as a precious gift to your loved ones on occasions such as Christmas, wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.

How to Make DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Necklace?

Although aromatherapy necklaces and other essential oil jewelry are available online at a very low cost, those who are passionate about DIY projects can make their own jewelry at home using a few common items.

Check the below video which can guide you about the process…

Hopefully, the above video and tips helped you in knowing about aromatherapy jewelry. If you are interested in buying we recommend checking the stores like Amazon where these are available at a very low price.

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