How To Clean You’re Essential Oil Diffuser RIGHT?

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Essential oil diffusers break down the oils to disperse the aroma in the whole room. It is a remarkable way to use essential oil as it produces a soothing and relaxing ambiance which you can enjoy.

However, the situation gets out of hand when the oil diffuser starts malfunctioning. This is mostly due to molds getting deposited in the diffuser due to not cleaning the device properly after use.

Most of the times, all it takes is a good cleaning or sometimes it may need tune-ups and tweaks to get fixed.

Though it may be challenging in the beginning eventually you will get used to the cleaning procedure and maintain it on your own rather than getting it done by technicians.

Things You Need For Cleaning a Diffuser

You have one tried and tested method on how to clean the oil diffuser. Sticking with the vinegar method is highly recommended unless the user manual gives guidelines for a completely different approach.

You should only follow manufacturer’s instruction when you think of cleaning the diffuser. A lot of manufacturers suggest the use of mild soap or to make the equipment air dry rather than being wiped dry.

Steps for Cleaning an Essential Oil Diffuser

There are two ways- Quick clean & Deep clean.

Quick clean should be done after every use.

  1. Empty the oil and water present in the diffuser: Unplug the equipment from the power supply and remove the excess oil and water. Ensure that you pour out from all the operating buttons present on the diffuser.
  2. Use a wipe to clean the diffuser inside: With a small amount of detergent, wipe the inside via a sponge or wipe. Clean any build-up present in an easy way.
  3. Clean the outside of the equipment: Perform step 2 in a similar way on the outside of the diffuser.
  4. Rise and wipe dry: Rinse the diffuser and water tank and air dry it.

Deep clean should be done after 1 or 2 months.

  1. Empty the remaining oil and water present in equipment: Unplug the diffuser from the power supply and remove all the oil left.
  2. Fill the diffuser halfway with water.
  3. Include 8 to 10 ml of vinegar drops: Put pure white vinegar in the tank.
  4. Turn on the diffuser: Run the equipment for at least 5 minutes to permit the vinegar mix run across the device. It will wipe all type of oil build-up.
  5. Remove all the content from the diffuser: Remove the vinegar and water mix.
  6. Wipe out the tight spots: dab the tip of a cotton ball with white vinegar and clean the tough stains and nooks of the device.
  7. Rinse the equipment: clean the diffuser with clean water.
  8. Use a wipe or dry cloth to thoroughly clean the diffuser.

However, if your device is still under warranty, then it is good to get in touch with a customer service executive of your diffuser brand and get it to service before applying any home remedies to clean it.

Things You Should Remember When Cleaning

You should clean your diffuser daily after using it. In fact, a lot of essential oil diffusers suggest rinsing it right after using it.

Though some of the companies suggest a list of cleansing items to break the oil residue buildup or it may wreck your equipment.

Do not think of making a mistake of leaving the oil inside the diffuser for more than 24 hours, even if you are going to use it the very next day.

If you don’t clean the diffuser daily, you may end up mixing aroma of two different oils thereby destroying the sole purpose of using it for aromatherapy.

Remember to always unplug the device before cleaning it or it may cause severe injuries or accident.

It is important to read the user manual first about your essential oil diffuser before you consider any home remedy. Some of the essential oil diffuser manufacturers void the warranty if you clean the device with vinegar.

Thus, it is advisable to speak to a customer care executive first to know whether using acid or vinegar is recommended or not.

Do not wait till your diffuser begins making noise or gets lazy to diffuse. Frequent touch-up and periodic deep cleansing add to the life expectancy of your device.

Be very careful when removing water from the tank. If the water spills on the motor area or buttons, it may damage the device.

Cleaning the diffuser after every use is just as important as deep cleansing. Frequent cleanups save your device from getting serious defects.

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