How To Use Fragrance Oil Burner or Electric Aroma Lamps Safely?

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Calming, soothing and rejuvenating the mind can be an apt solution for treating various bodily ailments, and mental stress. This is what aromatherapy is all about!

Even who are skeptical about this therapy can find that the nice aroma from the essential oils can drift them into a different world, and can trigger a relaxing sleep much better than any other method.

At present, the healing touch of aromatherapy can be enjoyed by using different methods that help diffuse the aroma of essential oils into the atmosphere.

Using an electric aroma lamp (also called electric oil warmer or electric fragrance oil burner) is one of the most popular methods since ages.

Although many high tech devices and gadgets are being introduced in the market, these are still used by many due to its easy usage and simplicity.

If you are really passionate about using them at your home or office, let us find out in detail about what they are and how these work in the below article.

What Is An Aroma Lamp?

Aroma lamp is a simple compact device used for diffusing the essential oils in a room for delivering the healing affects of aromatherapy to a user.

Diffusing the aroma of the essential oil is the primary job of these aroma lamps. When it comes to buying these fragrance lamps, you have options like candle driven lamps or electrical lamps.

Although candle type aroma oil warmers and lamps are also used widely, the ease of use and additional safety features has made the electric aroma lamps most popular choice among the masses.

These electrically operated fragrance lamps make it easy to get an ideal ambiance (filled with aromatic scent) that triggers the aptest mood setting for work or relaxing.

A safe tranquil atmosphere is what you can experience with these electric essential oil warmers and lamps, within a few minutes.


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How Does Electric Oil Warmer Work?

An electric essential oil warmer or an oil burner lamp, obviously, uses electricity to convert the essential oils into a mist which then spreads in the room it has been placed in.

This compact lamp comes with a cup or a dish which holds the essential oil on the top while the bottom part of it has space to keep a burner like a candle lamp or an electric bulb to warm the essential oils.

For making it work you need to add a few drops of pure organic essential oils into the dish and switch on the machine.

The heat from the lamp bulb heats and evaporates the essential oil slowly to give out the fragrance into the surroundings evenly.

How to Use Fragrance Oil Burner Safely?

Although using an oil warmer or fragrance oil burner (electrically operated device or a non-electric one) is much easy, there are few safety tips to be kept in mind by the users to operate these devices safely.

First of all, you need to use the best quality therapeutic grade organic essential oils, if you are using the oil warmer for healing your body.

Secondly to get the best healing effects of aromatherapy the volume of the essential oils used in the warmer has to comply with the standard burning time of the candle or bulb.

You should fill the lamp dish with an appropriate amount of oil/liquid so that it does not get evaporate faster.

Furthermore, when using an aroma oil warmer the oil should not be placed too close to the heat source.

When the temperature is higher, the healing properties of the aroma essential oils may be lost leaving your expensive essential oils useless.

In addition to all the above points, it is important to store your oil lamp warmer safely in a dirt-free place, when not in use.

Do not leave any essential oils in a tray when you are storing it for next usage as the dirt produced may get mixed with the oils making them harmless.

Choosing a lamp reservoir that can be dismantled for washing and cleaning is a good option.

Most importantly ensure that these lamps are not handled by children without any adult supervision.

Why You Should Use A Ceramic Oil Burner At Home Or Office?

Benefits of using a ceramic essential oil burner (whether electric or non-electric) are many. Some of the best benefits of using these lamps at home or at the office are:

☑ Good Health: Relaxed mood and sleep are guaranteed when you use the fragrance aromatic lamps into your room. This is because of an energetic mood that can be experienced by the user.

Breathing is not easy for those who suffer from lung infections, bronchitis, but as the oxygen levels are increased when using these aroma lamps, you can feel breathing much easier.

Research also says that cognitive functions are better, and pain relief can be attained when aromatherapy is done. In many cases, the aroma also helps in repelling various kinds of insects.

☑ Highly Decorative: The classic aroma lamps are usually made up of ceramic glass, porcelain, stone or with a combination of several other materials.

If you live in a home that uses wood furniture and decors, you have the choice of wooden aroma lamps too. These work to enhance the beauty of your interiors without being too heavy on your pockets.

☑ Easy to Use & Cost-Effective: This is major because these lamps can be used without any mess. There are no problems in filling the liquid, or cleaning. You will find the entire process simple.

With many companies offering the fragrance burners at the competitive prices, you need not worry about the price.

They work on minimum electric current, so you do not need to worry about the amount spent on powering these devices.

Overall, choosing the best fragrance lamp relies on most of the prerequisites of the user. You just need to find out what you require, and how much you can afford.

So, what do you wait for? It is time to get these fragrance lamps now for your family. They are available at online shops like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and many others.

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