5 Best Ways To Ventilate & Freshen A Room With No Windows

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Most of the proud homeowners try to make the environment of the room more inviting and romantic without letting the guests sneeze.

However, for many of us, the long, cold months along with the stuff scattered around in the room spread bad smell in the air.

The problem becomes much severe and irritated when there is no window or ventilation provided!

No need to panic!

If you are feeling irritated with a musty smell in your room


Cannot find effective ways to freshen and ventilate your room due to lack of window

here is a quick help for you…

How to Ventilate a Windowless Room?

Today you can find many ways to ventilate, cool and freshen up your closed room without the need of a window.

Just by using certain things and following a few tips, you can easily get rid of bad odor in your room.

Here are a few ways to try out, to make smell the place aromatic and fresh. Hopefully, it will prove useful to you.

1. Install salt lamps

Those who are crazy about lamps and interior lightning can search for the best salt lamps online that are good in looks and effective in freshening the room air without the use of any window or ventilation.

It is a wonderful decision to place the beautiful lamps made of Himalayan salt pieces that fit well to your interior décor just like bee wax candles.

These salt lamps produce negative ions which not only improve the air quality but also fight with the air pollution and help to keep the space free from odor.

2. Add a bowl of vinegar

Everyone is aware that vinegar is an amazing and natural deodorizer and is more in use today.

You need to leave a bowl of vinegar in the open space in the room overnight, which will clear the odor and let you find the morning smelling fresh.

No need to search for fancy vinegar as plain vinegar can do all the wonders.

3. Place indoor house plants

Plants are marvelous air filters as they present the air-purifying effect and for this reason, these are the perfect way to refresh the room.

You can place the Gerber daisies, spider plant, aloe, weeping fig, English Ivy, Chinese evergreen, lady palm, azalea and other plants suitable to indoors and safe for pets and kids.

4. Absorb the bad smell with baking soda

Baking soda works as a nontoxic and a great air freshener mainly to those who are suffering from asthma.

This staple helps to soak the bad odor without leaving any smell of its own. Well, this is considered as perfect for those who are sensitive to perfumes.

They can now feel fresh room air without the need for any windows or without opening the windows that invite polluted air.

Sprinkle the baking soda in the trash cans and place in the vacuum bag for a fresh scent that lasts for a long time.

5. Glow beeswax candles and aroma diffuser

Beeswax candles are the craze today as they give a light honey scent which is romantic and at the same time delightful.

These beeswax candles help to present an inviting and romantic environment with tranquility and are the right choice to present the purifying effect in the room.

Besides this, most of the people choose electric essential oil diffusers to add favorite essential oil as using this makes your room aromatic within minutes.

Besides above-mentioned things, you can also try:

  • Placing less furniture in your room to enhance effective airflow
  • Adding porous materials (like special air bricks) that can help in moving the air around
  • Adding extractor fan or air conditioner in a room to cool and refresh the indoor air in a window-less room

Although all the above ways can help you best in ventilating and refreshing your room, it is essential to use the ones that are appropriate to the condition and really works better to vanish the bad odor or the smell in your windowless room.

So what are you waiting for!

This Christmas, grab salt lamps, aroma candles or an electric aroma oil diffuser and present an amazing environment to your guests to let them stay for long at your refreshing aromatic place.

They will feel peaceful like never before.

And no doubt you can also buy few of them for giving it as a gift for them in this festive season. Your loved ones will love these gifts for sure.

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