HOTEL Room Smells Musty? 5 Best Tricks That Can Work !!!

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The concept of lodging has been changed from just being used as a resort for a night TO something that people seek for relaxation and luxury.

This is why modern hotel rooms include more luxurious amenities.

But what if you are to stay in a budget hotel?

Not every one of us loves to book a budget hotel for a vacation or a business trip. But at times when there are very fewer choices left or you are restrained to book one, you may be forced to live in a hotel room that is not up to the mark.

The room services you get are below standard with very limited facilities. And the worse being, when you get a room that is not properly ventilated or filled with bad musty smell due to dampness, molds or any other reason.

Not only it becomes unbearable for you to stay there but also the musty odor and molds present can affect your health conditions badly.

5 Tricks To Get Rid Of Bad Odor In A Hotel Room

Just in case you are hung-up within any such stressful condition, there are few easy options you can try.

These can help you quickly to remove/destroy the bad odor in your hotel room without wasting any time.

1- Open Up The Windows

Most of the times budget hotels do not have an air conditioner to make your room fresh, cool and automatically ventilated. They do have windows that can be used to get the needed airflow.

When opening them up not only you can get fresh refreshing air from outside but can help remove all types of bad smells like from cigarette smoke, soaked or moldy walls, old bedding or mattresses, left out body smells of the last traveler, etc.

2- Use Potpourri Bowl Vase

Pleasant smells from potpourri flowers can help keep your hotel room smelling nice all the time.

You just need to carry some of these flowers in your bag while traveling, so that you can make them in a DIY way whenever you need.

Just place a bowl of these potpourris at a corner of a room or on a bedside table to slowly experience the fresh fragrance and aroma of scent released.

3- Use Room Sprays Or Fresheners

Using room sprays (like air-freshening sprays or air neutralizing sprays) is one of the commonest and cheapest ways by which you can mask or completely remove the foul smell in a lodging room, cottage or a guest house.

Though a variety of different sprays with varied fragrances are available on the market, we recommend buying a citrus flavor as it can last longer and can work pretty well with most of the unpleasant smells out there.

At most of the times, sprays work to remove the odors temporarily. And as spraying the room fresheners is a manual job, you may need to repeat the spray process several times to fix the problem permanently.

4- Ask For A Hotel Room Deodorizer

Electric room deodorizer is cheap to use and is easily available. Although most of the hotel rooms have this machine by default, you can always ask your hotel manager to arrange for a one if there is none found in your room.

These electric room deodorizer for a hotel room are long-lasting and are filled with fragrance oil to kill the stinking smell in the room.

5- Use Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffusers

As the name indicates, these portable travel devices diffuse the essential oil scents into the air making the surroundings pleasant and refreshing.

These electric diffusers, oil burners or candle diffusers are being used as an air freshener in most of the luxury hotel rooms these days.

These devices make use of a refreshing oil mix or blends to purify the hotel room, promote tight sleep and also to keep the senses alert during a business or work trip.

Using/diffusing essential oils in a hotel can help get rid of bad odors from areas like carpets, under the sink, sofa and in the cabinet. These devices also protect you against dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Unlike air sprays, aromatherapy diffusers do not include synthetic materials and moreover, you are endowed with aromatherapy benefits that the pure essential oils offer when diffused naturally into the air.

Overall, vacationing and spending time with family & friends is the most exciting thing you should do to please yourself and your loved ones.

You will definitely not love to make it a bad experience for all. All these things, to remove the musty smell in a hotel room, are available at a very low cost at your favorite online stores like Amazon.

If you want you can buy one of these to pack in your backpack to avoid all the smelly room problems on a go.

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