5 Ways For How to Make Your Bedroom Smell Fresh & Good

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You spend 1/3rd of your life in your bedroom, hence you shouldn’t breathe air which is stinky, misty and dirty. It can really lower your tranquillity!

Tidy, clean and fresh – perhaps with a gentle scent of natural aroma – basically that’s how every bedroom should smell.

But how can this be achieved in an easy way? Let’s discuss some of the tips for you below that can help in making your bedroom feel fresh without costing you much.

But before diving into those points let us know about why your room may be smelling so bad…

Reasons Why Your Bedroom May Smell Bad?

Even when there is an odor in your room, the smell resource might not be apparent.

If you have a musty smelling room, then it may be because of microbial volatile organic compounds.

Because of the presence of microbial compounds your room may have strong, foul odors.

Mold can occur anywhere in your room, on your walls, under the carpet, in the windowsills in your bathroom.

Hence, it is very important to get rid of these molds for a healthy environment in your room. Below here is some potential source of smells which make your bedroom stink:

Pet accidents: Sometimes even your well-trained pets may encounter accidents. Though you may end up cleaning immediately, the odor lingers for weeks.

If left for long, it may seep in your carpet padding can cause mold growth.

Leftover food: Old and stale food and drinks begin to smell. Even if there is no food in your room, stains and spill may lead to bad odor.

Dirty clothing: Your laundry causes bacterial growth. In fact, as per a study, sweat from your underarm is odorless till it gets in contact with bacteria.

So, if your room smells spongy and strange, then blame dirty laundry for that.

Stagnant air: Stagnant air has dust, tobacco smoke, etc. And, it majorly happens in a hot humid climate.

So, you should have proper ventilation in your room to make your air clear from these pollutants.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Smell Fresh & Good

Now that you know where the bad smell is coming from, you need to take measures and work hard to make your room smell fresh and good.

Try these 7 ways to bring a pleasant and fresh feel to your bedroom.

1- Dust your room

Dusting makes your room smell fresh. Dust includes indoor and outdoor particles, right from pet dander, dead skin, droppings of insect and more.

It can naturally occur in your room and can be brought from out. Hence, dusting should be your top priority.

It helps to keep your room dust free and breathe fresh and removes musty smell from your room. Places like shelves and table, ceiling fans and lights get the maximum dust.

Carpeting, upholstery, and electronics also take up a lot of dust.

Dust every corner and begin from top to bottom: If you are clean from the bottom, dust from up will settle back on the bottom after cleaning.

Use a moist cloth to clean hard places: It prevents dust from stirring in the air.

2- Clean the flooring

After dusting, now it’s time to clean the floors. The floor of your room collects all the dust, spills, pet droppings, crumbs, etc.

If you have hardwood flooring, the best way to clean it is damp mop it. Dry mop stirs the dust and spreads it elsewhere.

If you have carpeted flooring, you need to put a lot more effort. For deep cleaning you should:

  1. Locate the stains and spots which smell bad. Maybe your pet had urinated which has soaked in the carpet. It leads to the growth of mildew.
  2. Put some baking soda on spots. Allow it to sit for a day. Baking soda absorbs foul odor.
  3. Vacuum the carpet and treat it with a mix of water and white vinegar. The acid breaks the bacterial growth on the carpet.
  4. Now vacuum the full carpet.

No matter what kind of flooring you have, do not forget to clean the back of your closet or below your big furnishings.

3- Use air purifier and odor absorber

You can use air purifiers to trap and remove the pollutants from your room.

When the air pollutants are eliminated from your room, then the major source of foul-smelling gets out. You should select an air purifier which breaks down the pollutants and allergens and traps them.

You can also use a natural odor absorber in your room to trap all the foul lingering odors and bad smells in your room.

Baking soda is the most used natural odor absorber. Just sprinkle baking soda on your upholstery and bedding to soak up the air particles and bad smell remove it after 12 hours via a vacuum. Your room will be fresh.

Lastly, put a nice fragrance or room freshener to make your room smell fresh and nice.

4- Clean the laundry & upholstery periodically

You spend your max time on your bed, thus, it is important to clean your sheets weekly. Make sure you clean your laundry hamper from time to time. The gases on the worn clothes trap the bacteria and emit an unpleasant smell.

Just like your laundry and bed sheet, your upholstery also attracts dust, mite, and pollutants. Thus, you should keep the fabrics of your room tidy and fresh:

  1. Vacuum the upholstered furnishings to remove dirt and dust
  2. Clean the curtains: use white vinegar and water to remove spots, stains, and smell

5- Keep your windows open and keep pets away

Your room may have lots of pollutants and they may collect in one place.

Keeping the fact in mind that air from out is healthier than the air in the out, you should keep your windows open to allow fresh air to come in and remove the stagnant air from trapping bad odor.

Lastly, if you have furry companions living with you, then you must be facing the problems of fur and pet odor everywhere. In order to get rid of the bad smell of your pet, make them bathe regularly.

Try to keep them away from your bedroom, especially at nights when you want to get the relaxed sleep in a refreshed atmosphere.

With these tips, you can easily make your bedroom smell fresh and good.

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