How To Make WAX MELTS Last Longer? 5 Best Brands That Last Longest

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Wax melts are truly wonderful, and their smell can turn your home into a welcoming environment to be in.

But sometimes they just don’t last long enough, or at least you can’t smell that pleasant aroma any longer.

There can be various reasons for your wax melts not lasting longer and fortunately, there are also several ways to fix the issue.

We will share them all in this article below…

Longest Lasting Wax Melts

5 Best Wax Melts Brands That Are Longest Lasting

After all is said and done, not every wax melt brand is the same: Some have higher quality products, some are more expensive than others. Some may use essential oils and others prefer fragrance oils instead.

But which brands sell products that end up lasting longer? Here are a few great recommendations you won’t regret buying!

1- Scentsy

Scentsy is a great brand that offers a wide array of high-quality products. Its wax melts are created using high-quality paraffin wax which ensures a long-lasting fragrance.

Each Scentsy Bar is composed of 8 cubes which you can break off the main bar and use individually in any warmer.

It’s recommendable to use its cubes with the Scentsy warmer, to ensure your wax melts last longer, as previously discussed in this article.

All the bars are around $6, which makes each of the one-use cubes less than a dollar each!

With scents like aloe water and cucumber; apple cherry strudel; apricot vanilla and blueberry pancakes, your home will surely be smelling heavenly with these amazing wax melts.

2- Happy Wax

Happy wax amazing wax melts are made out of all-natural soy wax, and they use only essential oils, making this a great option for all those people who don’t fancy using industrial-made products and prefer something closer to nature.

Because of this, however, their products are a bit more expensive than other options out there. They sell their gummy bear-shaped wax melts in 2, 3.6 and 8 oz bags and tins.

Happy wax recommend using two tiny bears at a time for around 8 hours of scent time, and have a wide array of amazing fragrances: citrus, vanilla sandalwood, cinnamon tea, lavender chamomile, and many others!

Shop now at

3- Bonita Candles

Bonita candles offer a wide array of beautifully shaped wax melts: You’ll find small and wide flowers, large circles and cubes, among other shapes.

Each order is hand-crafted in Spain, making every single delivery completely unique. You’ll never receive the exact same product, but they will all be high-quality and long-lasting.

You’ll find amazing fragrances like coconut and pineapple; mint macaroon; sizzling sandalwood; mojito twist and vanilla cream, along with many other exotic aromas!

4- Yankee Candles

Though this company sells mainly candles, don’t let its name fool you: They offer an amazing, wide selection of long-lasting wax melts as well!

Yankee candle offers small tart-shaped wax melts crafted from premium-grade paraffin wax and essential oils, costing around $2 and lasting around 8 hours each.

You’ll find fragrances such as apple pumpkin; balsam and cedar; black cherry; fresh cut roses; sage and citrus; strawberry lemon and many more!

5- Nag Champa Wax Melts

Candlecopia Nag Champa Wax Melts are next in our list of longest-lasting wax melts. These are available in a pack of strongly scented hand-poured vegan wax melts that last for long without any mess.

This soy wax melts burns cleaner and cooler. You can even wash them with just soap and warm water to clean them as you like.

How Long Should A Wax Melt Last?

How long the wax melts last will depend on several factors, and you should take them into account before deciding on how to make them last longer.

☑ Temperature used: When you heat the wax fast, it will deliver an intense and strong scent, but its release will naturally be shorter.

Alternatively, if you allow the wax to warm up slowly, it will release a milder scent, but this will last far longer.

You should consider what works best for you:

Perhaps you want the room to have a lingering if not overbearing smell for several hours, or you want the place to have a lovely aroma your guests can smell the moment they walk in the door.

This will naturally affect how many hours you can enjoy your product.

It’s always recommended to use the wax warmer that corresponds to the brand of wax you purchase, as the temperature usually is set to the specific needs of the ingredients they use:

Some might have more oil-to-wax ratio and demand a lower temperature to work as it’s meant to.

☑ Ingredient and size: Are you aware that not every wax melt is comprised of the same amount of wax, fragrance, and oil?

Though most companies tend to use around a 6% fragrance concentration, even a small change can affect the way and time the wax melts.

It’s not only this ratio that can affect your experience but also the size and shape of the wax melts you choose to purchase. It can come in bars, cubes, brittles or even whimsical shapes.

It’s recommendable to break down pieces too large as this will prevent the aroma from being noticeable for far longer.

That is, of course, unless you plan on using it steadily for over 10 hours, then you will prefer larger shapes.

☑ Type of oil used: There are two types of oil that can be mixed with the wax melt, which will greatly affect the way it burns, and how long it lasts. These can be fragrance oil and essential oil.

To understand how this can affect the amount of time you will be able to enjoy the wax’s aroma, we’ll take a deeper look at both options:

– Fragrance oils: These are comprised of different chemical compounds, both natural and synthetic, blended together to create the pleasant perfume you enjoy in your wax melts.

Thanks to its properties, they tend to last longer than essential oils.

– Essential oils: These are natural and synthetic-free, taken from the resin or liquid of different plants. It can also be extracted from the petals, roots, and berries of several types of vegetation.

Essential oils tend to be far more expensive, as it takes a great amount of material to produce a quality product.

For instance, you’d need to gather over 2000 pounds of petals to make a single pound of flower essential oil.

☑ Storage: Regretfully, if you store your wax melts incorrectly, you will end up enjoying far less of their wonderful fragrance than you would otherwise.

Which is why it’s so important to properly stash them until you are ready to use them!

You should keep them away in a cool and preferably dark location, like a cabinet or a drawer.

By all means, keep them away from being in direct contact with sunlight as it will affect the oils bind to the wax.

Also, if you purchase new ones, be sure to know which are the oldest ones so you use them first.

Tips To Make Your Wax Melt Last Longer

Now that you know how to make sure which is the right type of wax melt for you, there are several pieces of advice we can offer you to ensure that it lasts far longer and you can enjoy their aroma without overspending.

1- Set a timer at home

Sometimes you will be busy doing chores or working around your house, or even sharing time with friends or your loved ones, and you’ll forget all about your wax melt.

Sure, the pleasant aroma lingers on, but it continues to burn unnecessarily, as the wax already melted for long enough and its fragrance would remain in the room for a while as it is.

You would be wasting unnecessary wax melt if this happened, so the best solution is to simply buy a timer and set it up to forget about the issue altogether.

Also, if you like arriving home to a nice-smelling home, you can set the timer to activate around half an hour before your usual arrival time, since it’s around what it takes to melt the wax and begin releasing its sweet scent.

2- Avoid natural anosmia

Anosmia is a very common phenomenon, in which your body adapts quickly to a smell they experience too often, such as your own breath or an aroma that lingers for too long close to you.

This can make it so you don’t actually notice the fragrance from your wax melts, and thus attempt to fix it by burning it at a higher temperature, wasting unnecessary amounts.

To avoid this, mix up different scents to prevent your sense of smell from growing used to it.

3- Make sure to keep your warmer clean

Regretfully, if you throw a new piece of wax on the remains of the last one (or last ones), the results won’t be as pleasant as it would have been with a clean, fresh dish.

Cleaning the warmer’s dish will allow for the device to heat up the fragrance efficiently and release the wax’s aroma in the way it was meant to.

4- Don’t use your wax melts while cooking

This one is pretty self-explanatory: Your cooking will inevitably release its own smells, and as delicious as they might be, they’ll compete against the wax melts’ fragrance.

It’s most likely you will smell mostly the former, and thus make actually using the later a waste of your money.

Wait until after you’re done cooking to fill your rooms with the wonderful aroma released by your wax melts and you’ll be spending your money wisely!

How To Change The Wax Melts After Use?

I know you do not love to see your wax melts finished up in the warmer.

But when it does you need them to change carefully so as to enjoy fresh and pleasing aroma once again.

When you are ready to change the wax melts in the warmer make sure that the warmer is turned off and any left out wax has cooled down.

Detailed steps and tips are further provided by Happy Wax in the article here. Or you can check out the video below to know how to change your wax melts in an easy way.

Hopefully, with the above options, you have come to know about which is the right match for your needs.

Why not choose one among them and follow the tips above to make them last longer at home this festive season!

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