13 Best Gift Ideas for Essential Oil Lovers [Top Accessories You Will Love To Buy]

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Gifts can comprise of cakes, flowers, gadgets OR combos like cakes and flowers, chocolates and flowers, dry fruits and flowers, fresh fruits and flowers and other delectable offerings.

If you are really worried about what to buy as a perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season, aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils can be the best option to check.

No wonder, varied types of these gifts for men and women can help them equally to enhance their lifestyle by adding the flavors of natural essential oil aroma in their life.

Where women love to get aromatherapy jewelry as a gift, men will find USB enabled aroma diffusers quite useful.

13 Best Essential Oil Gift Basket Ideas

Aroma essential oil diffusers and essential oils make a perfect gifting option for all.

Just check your gift list, and if you find one who is passionate about using essential oils here are some of the best essential oil gifts and accessories for them to buy and pack your DIY basket:

#1 Essential Oil Kit

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Essential oils are not only found beneficial for beauty and massage therapy but are also much useful as a natural disinfectant.

If the main purpose of the oil is to scent the air, you can just go and buy any kit that is available online.

But if you want that your friends can enjoy the best therapeutic benefits naturally you should choose the best-branded ones like Plant Therapy that are known for their purity and effectiveness.

With a good essential oil kit your loved ones could just relax and let themselves enjoy in the fascinating aromatic world.

#2 Smart Oil Diffusers

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A smart diffuser for the smart home is one of the best gifts for essential oil lovers which can be used for the diffusion of essential oils naturally.

This smart device is basically useful for producing a scented atmosphere around you by spreading the natural aroma and fragrance of essential oils in the environment or room where it is placed.

These oil diffusers’ gifts are available with features like Bluetooth, WiFi, Alexa, and Echo device compatibility so that you can use and control them smartly in your home.

People who love gadgets will simply love getting these smart diffusers as a valuable gift!

#3 Essential Oil Jewelry


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A wide range of aromatherapy necklaces and bracelets are now available in the market for adding to your essential oil gift basket.

Some of these jewelry diffusers are made up of gold or silver and few cheaper ones are also available that are made up of metals like copper, brass, and others.

As your woman wear these attractive looking diffuser bracelet or pendant around their wrist or neck, they need not worry about the hassle and disruption of wearing an additional piece of jewelry in their neck.

And the best part is they can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy the whole day without carrying any bulky oil diffuser.

#4 Essential Oil Key Tool


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An essential oil bottle opener or a key tool is a must-have for essential oil users.

If you have used aroma oils before you may already know how hard it is to remove the caps or rollers from the essential oil bottles.

By using these essential oil opener you can easily remove these caps without hurting your nails or fingers.

These essential oil key tools are easy to use and can save you good time and effort. Available in wide varieties, colors and designs you can choose the one that is best suitable for gifting to your loved ones.

#5 Essential Oil Travel Bag


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Essential oils cast a healing effect on your mind, body, and soul. It has so many advantages, yet so many people who use them don’t have it with them when they require it the most.

Enter the importance of an essential oil travel bag! They are portable travel bags that can carry as many essential oils to anywhere you go!

Just fit your favorite essential oils easily in the pockets of essential oil tote bag and carry them along with you. It completely eradicates the risk of your essential oils from falling.

You can easily place up 10 essential oils snugly in place preventing all leakages and spills.

These carrying bags are beautifully sewn to keep up with the changing trends giving you a stylish appearance. It can easily fit in your purse and ensure that you get the best use of your oils.

Overall essential oil storage case serves as a perfect gift options massage therapists, avid users, and novices who love to use essential oils.

#6 Essential Oil Heating Pad


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Aromatherapy microwavable essential oil wrap is a perfect remedy for problems such as neck pain, back pain, arthritis, migraines, stress, etc.

The unique thing about this heating pad is its filling which is all-natural and organic, completely safe for the environment, people as well as pets.

Some of these can be operated electrically or a few of them can also be heated or cooled in a microwave to enjoy its benefits.

Overall essential oil heating pads, wraps or rice bags are designed for complete luxury and comfort of the users. These can be a perfect gift for seniors or family members who are suffering from stress or painful conditions.

#7 Essential Oil Recipe Book

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If you wish to gain a wider and deeper knowledge about the right use of essential oils and how to utilize them as natural remedies, perfect blends, beauty items, then essential oil recipe book surely should be a part of your collection.

The recipe book will reveal to you some delightful surprises of how many diversities an essential oil is capable of.

The recipe book has a collection of best of the best aromatherapy recipes used by different essential oil communities to enhance your working knowledge of applications.

So, if you are interested in essential oils, then you have a well-organized readily available section in front of you to treat ailments.

The blank essential oil recipe book is highly recommended as a gift if your loved ones are essential oil lover and want to know about each and every detail of it.

These books can also be great essential oil gifts for mom who love experimenting with various recipes at home for their family.

It is well-laid out and thoughtfully presented. Just go ahead and grab it to gain knowledge about anything related to essential oils.

#8 Essential Oil Storage Box

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If you want to make using essential oils simpler to use in your home, workplace or anywhere, then an essential oil storage box is just the perfect option for you.

The box allows you to efficiently organize and store all your essential oil bottles well. It comes decked with a foam pad to allow you to store your valuable essential oil bottles to safely transport and carry anywhere you want.

It also features stickers to help you easily find the oil you are looking for when you need it in a hurry.

The essential oil storage tray or containers is an amazing way to organize, store, secure and display the oils. It will make you use them in an easy way.

The box looks amazingly beautiful when displayed in any room in your house made from elegant handcrafted craftsmanship making it a thoughtful gift option for essential oil lovers.

Why not customize the box and present it to your friends this festive season.

#9 Essential Oil Storage Cabinet

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Essential oil storage cabinet is majorly essential oil display cabinets for showing you essential oils to your clients if you work as an aromatherapist, sales representative or house user.

It highlights your treasured essential oil collection anywhere you want, at your house, workplace or presentations.

These storage cabinets are different than box as it keeps the oil bottles organized and secure with its separate dividers.

At the same time, this essential oil storage shelf displays them easily as these can be mounted to the wall or can be attached inside the cupboard.

If you love expensive and treasured essential oils, then you would surely want to keep them secure from hot weather and direct sunlight.

The essential oil storage rack is great for organizing essential oils alphabetically, color-wise or by essence. For those who like to keep a collection of essential oils at their disposal, the cabinet is the perfect option for them.

Gift it to those who are into essential oils and work as aromatherapist, sales representative or love to collect different types of oils with them and they will cherish it for their life.

#10 Carrier Oils For Essential Oils

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Essential oils feature powerful properties that render several health benefits. But they need to be diluted in the right form for safe application to the skin. This dilution is offered by carrier oils.

Carrier oils dilute the concentrated essential oils so that it can be safely used on your skin without any side effects. Selecting the right oil is key to enhance the efficacy of your essential oils.

As such there are several carrier oils available, each of them has different use and properties – while some of them relieve your pain others are designed to enhance your beauty.

For those who are avid users of essential oils, owning carrier oils is a must. You can hence present your friends with the best collection of carrier oils as a perfect gift this year along with various essential oils.

#11 Essential Oil Glass Spray Bottles

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If you are in love with essential oils, you must be owning different varieties to manage all your aromatherapy needs.

But have you ever tried essential oil glass spray bottles?

The essential oil spray bottles made up of colored glass protect the oil from degradation caused due to ultraviolet light. As it’s sturdy, it also serves as a great reusable option for all types of essential oils.

No matter whether you need a spray bottle for a room spray, to make a homemade cleaning product OR to create a DIY air freshener, these bottles serve all your purposes pretty well.

If you are an aromatherapist or active users of essential oils, then spray bottles will just be the best thing to include in your collection.

You can even gift them to your near and dear ones along with essential oils to suffice their needs.

#12 Essential Oil Bottles With Roller

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Given that every drop of essential oil is counted, sometimes mere opening and closing of the bottle may cause loss of some drops.

In order to ease the problem of application, manufacturers present your essential oil bottles with a roller.

The bottle with a roller can just be rolled up on your skin OR on the surface of the bed-sheet OR wall to exude the radiance and smell of the oil in the atmosphere.

Just blend the carrier oil with essential oil in the roll-on bottles and create your own combination. You can use them to create various different blends and to customize your needs.

The best thing about the essential oil bottles with a roller is that it is easy to apply without creating any mess and can be conveniently carried wherever you go.

It also serves as a perfect gift option for avid essential oil users who wish to blend oils and use it on daily purpose.

#13 Essential Oil Binder and Printable Chart

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The more you use the essential oils, the more you will get to know about their benefits and effectiveness.

So, rather than wasting time and making mistake in blends and to keep a track of what blends work and what not, take the help of essential oil printable charts.

The essential oil binder and printable chart is full of guides, forms and printed charts to meet all your oiling needs. You can find tons of them for free at sites like Pinterest.

These charts will save your time in going through different books for knowledge on different aroma oils. Every work for you is already done in these charts.

A free printable essential oil chart is your all in one collection about all the oils together. You will never have to look anywhere else!

No matter you are a novice or a professional who wishes to get deep knowledge about different oils, their purpose, their preferred carrier oil, their attributes, and service; getting these charts and binders can help save you lots of time.

At The End,

For those who love aromatherapy and essential oils, there are lots and lots of additional unique accessory options available online to pick.

These online stores offer gifts based on occasions like Christmas, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, Baby Shower, House warming, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, Diwali and so on…

These are also perfect corporate gifts for companies who want to make their employees happy. You can, therefore, buy them online in bulk for gifting them to your staff members.

Just check them online and hopefully, you will find some more great ideas suiting your style and needs.

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