7 Ways to Ventilate a Bathroom with No Windows

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There are proud homeowners who want to make the atmosphere of their room cozier and inviting, without letting the guests sneeze.

However, there are several apartments where bathrooms are built without windows. Well, this leads to a much severe and irritating problem.

Problems with Bathroom without Ventilation

No windows or ventilation in your bathroom simply means there is no sun, no air BUT a huge moisture build-up.

Because of limited airflow, the rooms can even get foul-smelling and stale, leading to an uninviting ambiance. And, sometimes it may lead to a build-up of mold and mildew.

However, there are some ways through which you can manage this high humidity problem even with a lack of window.

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Fresh

Although there are not many ways by which you can actually ventilate your windowless bathroom.

But with a few exciting tips you can easily make it look fresh and ventilated, even when your bathroom has no windows:

1- Freshen up with paint

Paint remains to be the topmost favorite of homeowners to transform their indoors and outdoors. And so, even your windowless bathroom will witness a huge difference if you go with the right color selection.

Go for a light, muted hue and ensure to put a semi-gloss or highly-glossy finish to it. Do not ignore the ceiling. It plays an unsung but major role in reflecting rights.

Paint a glossy white ceiling to make space look shinier and lighter. A crisp color scheme will make the place more spacious. Choose subtle shades with glossy finish for an amazing look.

2- Add magical mirrors

It is a tried and tested the idea and works amazingly well. As much as mirrors are appealing and eye-catching, they are also a way to transform the way you experience the place around you.

Indeed, it helps in maximizing light and adds depth layers.

However, you need to place the mirrors strategically to enhance the openness of the place.

The right way is to go for full-length mirrors as they reflect the flooring of the bathroom and gives the impression of a bigger footprint, thereby fooling the eye.

So, if there are missing windows in your bathroom, use mirrors to reflect light and improvise the sense of space.

3- Add more lighting

If your bathroom lacks windows, then the designers should work on the lighting effectively to hide this flaw.

You should focus more on artificial lighting and put up soft, inviting and shiny aesthetics.

You can also go for multiple sources. Put glass walls and partitions in the bathroom. Illuminate the space directly beneath the roof as well as all the corners of the bathroom.

Lighting is very important for your bathroom, but it should be done very wisely so that you don’t end up overcrowding the area.

Speaking about efficient lighting, choose CFL and LED bulbs of 3000k color temperature. In comparison to yellow incandescent, white bulbs resemble sunlight more.

4- Install a fan

Ventilation is the major concern for house owners without windows in their bathroom.

There is less scope for the moisture to escape from the area, eventually leading the mildew buildup and foul odors in the bathroom.

However, a good quality bathroom fan can solve this issue of yours. It is a worthy investment as it helps in keeping the moisture at bay.

It also makes the bathroom dry up faster and doesn’t lead to any bad smell to remain in the area for long.

5- Put plants for freshness

If you haven’t thought of adding plants to your windowless bathroom, consider now! A small plant can give your place a breath of freshness and a spa-like ambiance.

However, you need to find a plant suitable for low light, and heavier moisture atmosphere which normally every bathroom has.

Some of the best plants for the windowless bathroom which can stand this weather condition are:

  • Aloe
  • Orchids
  • Bamboo
  • Reed Palm
  • Spider plant
  • Grass in pots

These plants will not just survive the bathroom environment well but also give your bathroom a clean, environmental friendly and peaceful ambiance.

There will hardly be any bad odor, moisture or unpleasant atmosphere after placing them in your bathroom.

6- Take the support of curtains

In a windowless bathroom, basically, every square inch is important. So, make sure you do not obscure the available place.

If you have kept an opaque shower curtain and you keep it closed often, then you are crowding the place more than it should be.

Eschew curtains or glass shower doors will be more appropriate to use. The glass door gives an impression of openness by enhancing your line of vision.

So, make sure you hang transparent shower curtains.

The curtains are also a great way to separate wet and dry area of your bathroom and help in keeping the space mold-free.

Use curtains keep the wet room and dry room separate.

7- Do not overdo with décor

Even a lot of mirrors and excess lighting can make your bathroom appear smaller and darker.

So, you should be very careful about not including a lot of decorative element in your windowless bathroom. Keep the countertop of your bathroom clean and include minimal décor.

The right place to put a wall art or any other bathroom décor is on a wall.

Make sure whatever you put shouldn’t be resistant to humidity and moisture. Do not go for paper wall and fabric décor in small bathrooms.

However, you can surely include soap dispensers and other accessories.

Use colorful towels to bring brightness to your bathroom.


These are some of the tips which can help you make your windowless bathroom feel fresh. Apart from these, you can also put waxed candles for better aroma in your bathroom.

You can use baking soda and vinegar solution once in a week to absorb all the foul odor of your bathroom.

You can also use toilet air freshener or reed diffusers in your bathroom to maintain the fresh aroma and good ambiance.

The special odor busters take away all the bad smell in one go and make your bathroom and room fresh within minutes.

With these easy to follow tips, you can maintain the moisture level, fragrance, and environment of your room and bathroom.

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