Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser OR Essential Oil Diffuser: Which Is Better?

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In a world of increasing pollution around us, keeping ourselves free from pollution is a need for all of us.

At a time when we feel that our environment does not feel soothing (or smell bad) we need to get rid of that unhealthy, unhygienic and bad smelling odor.

This is important as not only it affects our senses negatively but is unhealthy for our body and mood.

So what should be the best way you think can be, for removing this bad odor problem from your home?

We are here talking about the most commonly used device at homes and offices –

Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

Well, automatic air freshener dispensers are fairly popular when you talk about the traditional ways to clean and scent the air.

But, there are a few things which makes them different from other types of air fresheners and it really never hurts to learn more and more about these air freshening products.

What Is An Automatic Air Freshener?

Automatic air freshener is designed to release a captured scent at a set time, under specific conditions.

While some fresheners operate by releasing an instant burst of scent per minute, every 10 minutes, every 30 minutes so that you don’t get used to that particular smell.

Other air fresheners operate by motion sensor or light sensor and release a fragrance burst whenever the sensor is intimated. They are basically designed to keep the air and fragrance of a particular place, whether home, office, room or car fresh.

Automatic air fresheners fulfill a similar role once done by air fresheners which are to spread out some fragrances till it gets rid of or masks the offensive odor which floats inside a particular room or area.

Usually, your chosen fragrance is put in the air and then it spreads out through the rest of the room.

There are several types of fresheners that one can use and usually all of them run on the same general principle stated above. While a lot of people think that air fresheners come in an aerosol can, but it is just one type of it to use.

It eliminates airborne bacteria, bad odor and freshens the ambiance 24 x7. It works instantaneously and is long-lasting.

The motion sensor or light sensor dispenser machine saves wastage of fragrance and work on day and night mode automatically.

How To Use Automatic Air Freshener In Your Room?

Usually, the air freshener works on two AA size batteries which work till 3 months or more as per your usage.

As air fresheners operate by releasing a quick burst of scent every 7.5 min, 15 min or 30 min, you can set a time so that under pre-set conditions it works automatically.

A red light starts blinking if the air freshener refill is about to end. It comes with self -standing machine to be mounted on the wall easily. The freshener works effectively up to 6000 cubic feet.

So, whether you want to use it at home, office, hotel, store, shop, restaurant, hospital or any other public place, you can use it easily. Just set it and plug it on and it will show miraculous results within minutes.

Yes, in just a fraction of minute all the foul and bad odor will go out of the area and it will be filled with the pleasant, adorable and sweet smell of your preferred scent.

You can easily order the air freshener machine as well as refill packs online and get it delivered at your doorsteps. It can conveniently be placed anywhere.

However, if you have any problem, then you can speak to the customer care for complete help and installation.

Essential Oil Diffusers: A Healthy Alternate for Room Fresheners

Fortunately, products such as automatic room fresheners serve the purpose well and good.

But, although it makes the environment soothing and pleasant by making it smell good, it does not make the atmosphere healthier to breathe.

What if you can get some product that can also make the atmosphere and air we breathe hygienic and healthy? That will be good enough, isn’t it?

Essential oils and Aroma oil diffusers are therefore recommended and preferred by many!

Essential oils have the goodness of nature captured in each of its drops. With these therapeutic oils, one can replenish nature’s best essences to purify mind, body, and soul for oneself.

Some of the best benefits offered by these essential oils are:

  • Can be used on the skin for its rejuvenation
  • Add fragrance and beauty to a room in potpourris
  • Disinfect a room and add an element of tranquility
  • Acts as a mood stabilizer which calms down the nerves

A diffuser is an option that enables the essential oils to meet out in the air so that one can inhale the same to reduce their stress levels.

It releases its scent in the air, not only to let you smell great but at the same time to get a healthy body and sound mind.

Essential oil diffusers are easy to use and are hence quite popular in many households. Why not keep your rooms warm, fresh and fragrant with the aromatherapy induced electric essential oil diffusers.

These are a must-have for you and your family!

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