diffuser vs candle

Scented Candles OR Oil Diffusers: Which Is Better And Why?

There is no doubt that you want to keep your house smell beautifully, energetically and pleasing. Now, it is time to bring some beautiful fragrances in your home. You will get a number of ways to bring fragrances into the house.

What do you prefer? A subtle fragrance or strong scent, there are many scented items that carry different flavour and smells. You can choose according to your senses and choice.

There are a wide range of scented candle, reed diffuser, glass-full scented oil, bamboo sticks releasing mild scent, electric aroma oil diffuser, etc. each of them carry different smells and purposes to serve different people.

But the question comes that which one is the best option – scented candles, fragrance oils or an electric diffuser? The decision varies based on your priority and different aspects like those given below.

Let us check them now:

diffuser vs candle

Scented Candles, Aroma Oils and Diffusers

Scented Candle is an old and famous trend to bring fragrance to your living room or bed room.

However, herbal scented oil, diffusers, etc. are some modern and innovative way for your house smell beautifully. These scented items come with different usage and facilities.

These candles, diffusers and essential oils are some popular natural items; however, there are many electronic devices or diffusers that spread fragrances into your whole house.

Whether using these at your bedroom or dining table, these fragrances will create a welcome and fresh atmosphere. Your guest will never forget the visit to your house.

Where on one hand scented candles and reed diffusers are good for a small room and bathroom on the other hand oil diffusers are effective for the entire house and more preferred by people.

Scented candles or aroma oils: Which is better?

Scented candles are the old and common trend to scent your home. It creates a perfect warm and soothing ambience in the room.

There are some advantages of using scented candles. Good quality scented candles carry the authentic fragrance as they say. It burns cleanly and evenly. Nothing can beat the elegance of candles.

However, essential oils are very old and herbal method to bring fragrances. Its delightful scent will help you to improve your mood.

As it sometimes contains essential herbals, it helps to increase energy, improve concentration, make you relax and calm. More importantly the oil diffusers spread the fragrance of oils all over the house.

Essential oil diffusers or candles: Which is better?

A wide number of people prefer to bring scented candles at home and the popularity of candles cannot be ignored . You just need to light up the candle and it will present you a beautiful atmosphere by spreading mild fragrance and purity.

However, with advancement of technology, some tools are there that enhances the power of the scent and easy to handle. Oil diffusers that are operated electrically are something like that.

It will hold the oil container and help to spread the fragrance widely. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is often a tough decision to choose one as you cannot ignore the specialty and unique characteristics of these items.

Electric Essential Oil Diffusers: Safer and More Environment Friendly

Electric diffusers are best compared to Scented candles when we consider the smoke produced from the candles. This smoke results in environmental pollution and thus is not good for the environment.

There are people who are allergic to smoke and the use of scented candles may result in many health problems in people. So in this regard electric diffusers are better.

Health problems due to the smoke in closed or small rooms and bathrooms can be caused and thus should be avoided. In the case of use of fragrance in bathroom, being a closed place, people might get suffocated because of the use of such candles.

If the bathroom or the room in which the candle is kept is spacious, then the problem will be less but still exist. So use of scented candles in small rooms is not advisable to a great extent.

Thus Using Electric diffuser is the best option than the scented candle. It does not produce smoke like the candles and still provides with an aroma that elevate your mood, to recharge you and bring happiness and peace to your mind and can be used easily. No need to search for match stick each time or clean the wax produced by the melting of candle.

However if you want the ambience of candle light along with the fragrance, then you have to go with the Scented Candles only. This will provide you with the romantic environment where you can share your thoughts and feelings to your love efficiently.

The great ambience will ensure that you can light your life and en-light another person with your efforts and the great atmosphere provided.

Now you can choose what you want to buy according to the atmosphere that you want to create – electric diffusers for pollution free atmosphere and scented candles for romantic atmosphere.

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