Scented Candles OR Oil Diffusers: Which Is Better And Why?

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There is no doubt that you want to keep your house smell energetically and pleasing!

No matter whether you prefer a subtle fragrance or a strong scent, there are many scented items that can help carry different flavors and smells into your house.

With a wide range of techniques to bring fragrances into the house, you can choose the one according to your convenience and choice.

But the question that comes in most of the minds is: which one is the best option.

Among so many options (like fragrance oils, scented candles, reed sticks, an electric diffuser, etc) which one should you actually choose and why?

The decision varies based on your priority and different aspects like discussed below.

Aroma Oils, Scented Candles, and Diffusers

Scented candle, reed diffuser, glass-full scented oil, bamboo sticks releasing mild scent, electric aroma oil diffuser, etc. each of them carry different purposes to serve different people.

No matter whether you want to use them at your bedroom, living room, workplace or at the dining table, these fragrances will create a welcoming and fresh atmosphere all around.

Your guest will never forget the lovely ambiance they experienced in your house.

☑ Aroma oils or scented essential oils are a very old and herbal method to bring fragrances into your life.

The delightful scent of these organic oils will help you to improve your mood and to relax your senses.

As it sometimes contains essential herbals, these also help to increase energy, improve concentration, make you relax and calm.

☑ A scented candle is another old common trend to scent your home. Although these candles look like a regular candle, these are special.

When burnt these spread a unique scent into the atmosphere due to the special material it is made up of.

Nothing can beat the elegance of scented candles. It burns cleanly and evenly to provide authentic fragrance into the room.

In addition to bringing fragrance to your living room or bedroom ,it also helps to create a soothing ambiance in the room for relaxing your mind.

☑ Essential Oil Diffusers are the compact machines/gadgets that are operated electrically (or through power sources like battery or USB) to diffuse the essential oils into the environment.

There are also reed diffusers that can be used for diffusing the aroma safely without the need of electricity or power source.

Most of these diffusers are easy to handle and can be safely used anywhere you want.

While the large size oil diffusers can be used to spread the fragrance of oils all over the house, there are some compact ones that can be used for small spaces – even in your car or while traveling.

Essential Oil Diffuser vs Candle: Which is Better?

The popularity of scented candles cannot be ignored. In fact, a wide number of people prefer to bring scented candles at home during festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, Weddings, etc.

You just need to light up this candle and it will present you a soothing ambiance by spreading mild fragrance and purity.

However, with the advancement of technology, devices like ultrasonic aroma oil diffuser can help enhance the power of scenting by using the latest technology in a much safer way.

Reed Diffuser vs Candle

Major advantage of using oil diffusers over scented candles is it does not produce any smoke.

There are people who are allergic to smoke and the use of scented candles may result in many health problems for such type of people.

While the reed diffusers are good for a small room, office or bathroom, scented candles and essential oil diffusers that are electrically operated are effective for scenting larger rooms.

As the smoke produced from the candles can make smaller areas suffocated these should be avoided in small rooms.

Electric Diffuser vs Candle

Using an electric diffuser is the safest option (as compared to the scented candles), especially if you have small kids and pets at home.

It does not produce smoke like the candles and still provides with an aroma that elevates your mood in a much safer and hi-tech way.

To recharge your mind, bring happiness and peace to your life you can conveniently use them anywhere you want.

No need to search for match stick each time or clean the wax produced by the melting of the candle.

Conclusion: What Should You Choose for Your Home?

Aroma oil diffusers, when compared to scented candles, reveals that both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is, therefore, a tough decision to choose one as you cannot ignore the unique characteristics of each of them.

Oil diffusers are much better with regards to the smoke produced. As the smoke produced by candles may not be good for the environment, these are often avoided.

However, if you want the ambiance of candlelight along with the fragrance, then you should go with the scented candles.

This will provide you with a romantic environment where you can share your thoughts and feelings to your partner perfectly.

At the end choose the one according to the atmosphere that you want to create – electric diffusers for pollution-free atmosphere and scented candles for a romantic atmosphere.

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