Electric Essential Oil Diffusers or Reed Diffusers: Which is Better?

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The aromatic diffuser is an exciting way through which healing properties of all-natural plant-based essential oils are released in the environment.

The main advantage of using the diffusers is it helps you in releasing your stress levels easily. Besides, it also makes your mood good and provides an enhanced cognitive function.

When it comes to buying and using the aroma oil diffuser, you should know that there are different types available in the market.

This article is a brief exploration of two main kinds:

Electric Essential Oil Diffusers and Reed Diffusers.

Reed Diffuser vs. Electric

☑ Reed diffuser is one of the simplest forms of diffusing essential oils into the room to make it smell pleasant.

It basically includes rattan reeds that are placed into the bottle (filled with essential oils).

In the process, the rattan reeds slowly absorb the aroma oil and evaporate it into the air to make the environment scented.

This diffuser setting can be used for about 60-90 days at a stretch.

The best advantage of using Reed Diffusers is it doesn’t require electricity for operation.

And as there is no need for electricity connection these can be used anywhere you want.

The only disadvantage of using the reed diffuser is it requires regular changing of reeds as they get oversaturated.

☑ An electric oil diffuser is a compact device that can be operated electrically (or with a battery) for diffusing essential oils in the environment.

The device is extremely convenient to use and can be plugged in anywhere in your home using an electrical socket.

As soon as the device is switched on the aroma is slowly released within an enclosed area to get the scented atmosphere.

The freshness in the air tends to continue depending on the amount of oil and how long the diffuser is plugged in.

The product is small and can be carried with ease wherever you want.

However, the electrically operated aroma oil diffusers cannot be used at a place that doesn’t have an electrical connection.

Also as it disperses the mist of cool aromatic air by utilizing the water it needs to be cleaned at regular intervals after each usage.

Reed Diffuser Or Electric Diffuser: Which is Better?

Although the basic concept behind both the diffusers is the same, there are differences in the way they diffuse the essential oils and promote well-being.

Both of these devices are now available in gorgeous designs to blend perfectly with the room décor.

However, when it comes to effectiveness and technology, electric oil diffusers wins the race.

These come in different sizes and can be purchased as per the requirement and room size.

As they come with ultrasonic technology and latest features like auto shut off, led lights, night light, timer, etc. these are most preferred by the users all over the world.

So, next time you feel that your home or your bedroom stinks or hold up smell then ensure to use an ultrasonic diffuser at home.

In case you are planning a weekend party you can use your ultrasonic diffuser to fill the great awesome aromatic smell in the atmosphere which your friends will surely love.

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