ZAQ Mirage Diffuser LiteMist Aromatherapy 150ml

Key features:

  • 150ml capacity Operates up to 8 hours
  • Energy efficient, auto shut off and quiet
  • Made up of BPA free health friendly material


ZAQ Mirage Diffuser LiteMist Aromatherapy Diffuser comes with a 150ml capacity that can last for about 8 hours.

This simply means you need not disturb your sleep at night for refilling the diffuser and can enjoy the great night sleep with only one refill.

The diffuser works with an advanced litemist aromatherapy technology and comes with auto shut off feature which is completely safe.

Color changing LED soft mood lighting and no light mode is provided so that you can enjoy the soothing lightning according to your mood.

Overall as it looks simply awesome it also makes a perfect gift for anyone at occasions like birthday, anniversary, Black Friday, Easter and Christmas.

ZAQ Mirage Diffuser Rating
  • Looks, Working, Features, Durability

ZAQ Mirage Diffuser (Overall)

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