Sparoom Aromapod Portable Misting Diffuser 50ml

Key features:

  • Portable misting diffuser (USB enabled)
  • Uses no chemicals and no heat for diffusion
  • As compact and light in weight can be used anywhere you want
  • With its 50 ml capacity provides up to 4 hours of continuous aromatherapy session


SpaRoom Aromapod USB Powered Portable Essential Oil Diffuser is especially designed for those who love to enjoy the high standard lifestyle and relaxing environment all the time.

This magical gadget combines the latest micro air technology with advanced miniaturization.

You just need to add few drops of your favorite aromatic oil to the tap water and just plug in to enjoy the aroma.

This USB powered device comes with an automatic shutoff feature to make it family safe. And it allows you to aromafy your work place, kitchen or your living area.

With a capacity of 7.2 ounce thisĀ Sparoom Aromapod portable diffuser device provides continuous 4 hours of aromatic diffusion into the air which is good for refreshing up to 50 square feet of the room area.

According to user reviews the diffuser is pretty easy to operate. You can check the few instructions in the video given below…

Sparoom Aromapod Diffuser Rating
  • Looks, Working, Features, Durability

Sparoom Aromapod (Overall)

Good diffuser for travel