Essential Oil Burner vs. Diffuser: Which Is Better And Why?

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There are today plenty of ways with which you can connect with the goodness of nature. One such way is through aromatherapy.

Having said that, there are essential oils which are loaded with therapeutic benefits. These aroma oils are extracted from the age-old herbs and shrubs around the world and packed with goodness that heightens the senses and relaxes your mind and body.

The soothing effects of essential oils can now be benefited through various methods. Two of the most popular methods for benefiting from these aromatic essential oils are:

  • Oil burners/warmer
  • Electric essential oil diffusers

Both these methods are natural in its form and the aroma of the essential oils produced spreads evenly in the room, thereby helping to heal the senses of the user.

However, if you are planning to buy one of these devices for scenting your home and healing your inner soul, it is important that you know in detail about both of these methods and checks which one is better and why…

Essential Oil Burner vs. Diffuser

Electric essential oil burners or warmers are much popular and cheaper as it needs very low electricity to operate.

These can be placed almost anywhere in your home to get the scented environment in addition to most effective, calming and relaxing results.

While fragrance oil burners (electric and non-electric) are very effective for diffusing the essential oils, they also come with a drawback.

In case of excessive heat, they tend to burn or over-burn the oil placed in a dish tray.

This breaks the molecules of the essential oils aggressively and tends to release only plain fumes instead of delivering the healing mist of essential oil.

Getting the therapeutic benefits of the aromatherapy is therefore abandoned in such cases.

This is the main reason, why many people prefer using electric essential oil diffusers over aroma oil burners and warmers.

What about Wax Candle Warmers?

Wax candle warmer (or wax melt warmer or simply wax warmer) belongs to another category of aroma diffusers that uses scented wax to spread the fragrance in the room.

When choosing the warmer diffusers its worth to discuss the pros and cons of the oil warmer vs wax warmer to know which one could be a better deal for your family.

Most of the candle oil warmers work by placing a candle below a dish that contains a scented oil.

On the other hand designer wax warmers are electrically operated and work by using a light bulb or electricity to warm the scented wax.

Since oil warmers use tea light candles to warm the oil and scent the room there can be a risk of catching fire, especially if you have children or pets at home.

However, the positive side being as oil warmer does not need any electricity to operate these are fairly easy to use anywhere you want, even when there is no power source nearby.

Choosing between oil warmers and wax warmers will, therefore, depend on your personal preferences and how safely you can operate them at your home.

Which One Is Better And What To Choose?

Now when you know about the basic difference between diffuser and warmer, its time to know which one is better for your family and well being.

Like electric oil warmers, ultrasonic diffusers also work with electricity but uses a different mechanism to convert the oil into a mist that gets diffused into the air.

Unlike evaporation of oils in oil burners, the electrically operated motor placed in the essential oil diffuser acts as a nebulizer which in turn helps in the emission of the essential oils into the air.

Ultrasonic diffusers are hence more powerful and work very quietly as compared to the other types of essential aroma oil diffusers.

In general, an electric aroma oil diffuser is much effective for larger areas like a living room. These come with the latest technology and are safe to use for all (even at homes with kids and pets).

Some of these devices also come with features like humidifier and purifier which can help clean up the polluted environmental air, humidify the air and at the same time gives a fragrant feel to the room it is placed in.

Overall consider the safety and choose the best…

Depending upon the usage, both the electric aroma diffuser and oil burners have their own therapeutic benefits and usages.

In most cases, they work equally well and one can benefit from the aromatherapy essentials which they have to offer.

However, as far as safety and technology are concerned, portable electric oil diffusers are safer and more advanced than as compared to oil burners.

These are especially recommended at homes where you have smaller kids or pets, due to its safety feature.

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