How Does An Ultrasonic Humidifier Work?

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What is an ultrasonic humidifier?

Moisture is more important than you think.

By maintaining adequate levels of humidity in the air in your home, you can ensure that the environment is comfortable and avoid problems such as dry skin, cough, and irritated throats. However, in many climates, it is necessary to implement a humidifier to achieve this.

If you want to know how an ultrasonic diffuser works, read on.

The Best Ultrasonic Humidifiers

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Doing so can help promote the general well-being of your family and reduce your energy bills, as it can lower the thermostat and still have a warm environment. In addition, a humidifier helps protect wood floors, furniture, wallpaper, paint and even plant life, thus preserving many of your most precious interior investments.

These devices are divided into two groups: hot steam humidifiers and cold air humidifiers. The last category is divided into evaporative humidifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers.

While the choice between the two is reduced to personal preferences, ultrasonic humidifiers have some unique advantages that can make them more effective for certain homes and family needs.

How does an ultrasonic humidifier work

What is an ultrasonic humidifier: The evaporative humidifiers of cold steam depend on the fans to blow air through their wick filters. On the other hand, ultrasonic humidifiers, such as the Tenswall ultrasonic humidifier, contain a small metal plate that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency.

How Does An Ultrasonic Humidifier Work

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These ultrasonic sounds are inaudible to humans, but they are capable of some quite powerful things, such as removing dirt from surfaces. They can also separate the water particles from the integrated humidifier tank in a cold stream. The device emits this fine mist in the air, instantly distributing moisture throughout the room.

Benefits of ultrasonic air fresheners

There are several reasons why ultrasonic humidifiers may be the best option for your home.

As these models do not depend on the fans, they are some of the quietest humidifiers that exist, so they are also called office humidifiers. They also have very low maintenance compared to many other models, which may require frequent bulb changes, replacement of steam cans or pot cleaning.

In addition, since ultrasonic humidifiers do not use heat, they require minimal electricity. This is perhaps one of the most important advantages of ultrasound since in the long term it can generate significant savings on your bills. Many models use a timer vaporizer, making the operation much more efficient.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are easy to transport and can be turned on and off instantly. There is also no waiting time for a heating element to boil water, because steam is produced by oscillation.

Given their relatively small size, ultrasonic humidifiers can produce impressive amounts of steam . As such, they are an ideal option to maintain adequate humidity levels in smaller rooms.

Some of the best models of ultrasonic humidifiers on Amazon that may interest you:

  • Victsing Humidifier 25 DB

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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Why choose an ultrasonic humidifier?

Whether an evaporative humidifier or an ultrasonic humidifier is preferred depends basically on personal preferences. Some people value certain aspects when they look for a suitable humidifier for them, so it is important to consider some criteria .

These are mainly aspects such as cost, noise levels, potential problems with dust , bacteria and mineral accumulation and, finally, appearance.

Ultrasonic humidifiers (even with essential oils) are the most popular type of humidifier on the market today and that is due to their versatility, efficiency and the level of options you get when you buy one. In comparison, evaporative humidifiers are somewhat less sophisticated and less easy to adjust .

Cost of Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The cost of your humidifier will obviously vary depending on the level of sophistication of the model you choose. A notable consideration when choosing between an ultrasonic humidifier and an evaporative humidifier is that the price will generally be a little higher in the ultrasonic humidifier than in the evaporative humidifier.

Evaporative humidifiers are generally much simpler in their technological scope and therefore the initial outlay is relatively small. Cheap ultrasonic humidifiers, on the other hand, can be very sophisticated models that include several extras and the option to choose between hot fog and cold fog humidifier options .

On the other hand, the maintenance cost balances the first costs when considering the total long-term cost of repairs and maintenance. Changing the filters of an evaporative humidifier overtime costs extra money, so some prefer to pay more in advance for a longer-lasting unit that only requires regular cleaning.

If you don’t want to pay for maintenance, the ultrasonic humidifier should be the one you choose.

Noise level

Since most people want to put their humidifier in a bedroom or living room, noise is an extremely important consideration when buying an evaporative or ultrasonic humidifier.

If noise is of vital importance to you, it would be wise to opt for an ultrasonic humidifier, as some, such as the LEVOIT LV600HH ultrasonic humidifier, is extremely quiet and will not affect nighttime sleep or your rest in the living room.

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If this is not your priority and you are more worried about the price, the evaporative humidifier could be your choice, but keep in mind that having the ventilation system inside this type of humidifier, it is almost impossible for the evaporative humidifier to work completely silent while it is working

Health issues

Due to their operation, ultrasonic aromatherapy humidifiers require regular maintenance to keep them clean. If this does not happen, there is a risk that the humidifier accumulates mineral levels in the unit . Without a good clean filter, this can become dust that can trigger allergies or cause illness.

The best way to avoid it is to use distilled water first. Since the water that comes out of the tap is often mineral water, the accumulation may be due to this. You can also check if your humidifier has a descaling filter. Some come with them, while others allow you to buy one separately and connect them.


Personal taste is obviously the deciding factor when it comes to design and, clearly, the decoration and style of your home will have some impact on the ionizing ultrasonic humidifier you would like to invest in.

While it is difficult to say whether one style of humidifier is more aesthetically pleasing than the other, it is fair to say that criticism in general is more favorable when talking about the design of ultrasonic humidifiers.

Since the units come with more functionality and a higher level of sophistication, more time and effort is invested in the design, too, and some more modern ultrasonic humidifiers are elegant-looking elements that people enjoy having in their room.

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