Young Living Diffuser Dew Drop OR Tear Drop

Key features:

  • Works with ultrasonic technology
  • Continuous usage of up to 4 hours then auto shut off
  • 3 in 1 device (Atomizer, Aroma Diffuser & Humidifier)


If you are a real fan of Young Living essential oil diffusers, there are few models that are worth considering.

DEW DROP Young Living diffuser is one among the best which you will love installing in your room.

Designed in a unique Tear Drop shape, this device uses the ultrasonic waves to diffuse the essential oils and water instantly in the tank.

The action produces a cool and soft sweet-smelling mist and releases negative ions that help to enhance your mood and lighten stress.

Besides this, it even moisturizes and energizes the air quality we inhale to be healthy and active.

It makes the environment moist even when AC is On and ensures that you do not suffer from a bad cold the next day.

The best part of using this device is it works like a charm and effectively suits for spaces such as Home and Office.

When it comes to buying the YL diffusers online, you can shop for them at where these are available at a best price.

In addition to Amazon store, these are also available at their official site or can also be found at stores like, and many others.

How To Use A Young Living Diffuser?

How To Clean Your Young Living Diffuser?

Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser Rating
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Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser (Overall)

Good Looking Dew Drop Design Diffuser by Popular Brand Young Living