What Kind Of Humidifier Is Best For Baby In Winters?

Humidity levels in your home (whether high or low) can cause many adverse effects on our health conditions. It sometimes makes us sick and can even cause troublesome conditions which are hard to treat.

At times when the moisture or humidity levels drop, a humidifier is a most recommended device for homes.

A humidifier is basically a home appliance to increase the moisture level inside an enclosed area like your living room, bedroom, office or nursery.

The humidifier mainly comes in various sizes that range from portable size to large systems to use in huge buildings.

The device finds its use from a single room to a whole building through HVAC system ducts.

Before installing a humidifier in a room it is most essential to know things such as its working procedure, features, and maintenance.

Especially when you are planning to buy a good room humidifier for your baby, there is a wide range of things that you need to check.

Here we discuss some tips that will help you know about how to pick the best unit for your infants.

What Kind Of Humidifier Is Best For Baby?

Chill monsoons and the soon arrival of winter (hence stuffed noses, chapped lips, and unquenchable thirsts) can be overcome simply by adding a good filterless humidifiers in your home.

Humidifiers for new-born and infants come in 2 major types. These include warm mist humidifier and cool mist humidifier.

According to various reviews online, cool-mist humidifier in the nursery is better than other types of humidifiers.

Cool mist humidifiers are available in three types providing varied benefits:

Impeller: This unit has got a spinning disk that creates the mist. It is quieter in creating a mist compared to a fan. It uses minimum electricity and does not require replacement filters.

☑ Ultrasonic: It is a modernized unit that creates mist via sound waves that vibrate into the water. They are very silent to the human ears and effectual.

These humidifiers are good on utility bills and have less of hassles in cleaning and maintaining.

☑ Evaporation Wick: This types of utilizes wick to absorb the water, which is then evaporated by the fan.

It is a natural form of evaporation which many people consider an additional benefit. The unit slowly disperses humid into the air. Majority of the units are self-regulating.

Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers (like Crane) are most effective for kid’s room

This is due to the fact that water particles are broken down into microscopic fine particles (the mist).

This help in reaching the breathing passages of your child easily, causing deeper and effective penetration.

Not only does it help your baby in relieving the cold but also it benefits by relieving dry skin problems for your baby, particularly in the cold winter season.

Babies suffering from allergies like asthma, acute bronchitis or any other will also find these types of ultrasonic models more effective.

Humidifier OR Dehumidifier: What To Buy for Baby Room?

Dehumidifiers and humidifiers can be the best companion for your baby, especially when he/she is suffering from allergies like asthma, sinus or any other.

Although both of these are recommended by pediatricians for easier breathing, you should know clearly about which one to choose and in what conditions…

Humidifier: When It’s Needed?

Dry air can be due to a room heater (which works all day in your room to maintain optimum temperature). It affects the nasal passage seriously and might cause irritations such as sinus and even asthma.

If it is a cold winter season, then you must consider buying a good humidifier for your home.

The air will be dry in the season and so, you need to buy a big capacity humidifier for the home, especially when you want to humidify the whole house.

The chosen humidifier must be capable to hold enough water and turn into vapor for the overnight.

Also, consider the features and functionality that you want to have in the system when selecting.

Dehumidifier: When It’s Needed?

Dehumidifier is usually required when you have excess humidity in the air you live in.

Your area may have too much humidity due to varied reasons. Some of these may be water damage, floods nearby, stagnant water in the basement, etc.

Based on the problem and root cause you may need to buy a good dehumidifier for your home with the right size so that it can solve your issue.

It is essential to get a dehumidifier for your home before it makes more damages near you.

Overall, both these devices are recommended by physicians for their patients to help easy breathing under adverse conditions like high or low moisture conditions.

Installing these devices can ease your baby life and can help them live a healthier lifestyle.

5 Factors to Consider When Picking A Humidifier For Nursery

Adding a cool-mist humidifier can simply help you out in dealing with many types of problems related to dry air.

But before you proceed to buy a good humidifier for your baby, do not forget to check the following things:

1- Size of the unit: How long you want it to operate is another good factor that should be kept in mind. No doubt that your kids want to get an uninterrupted healthy night sleep.

It is therefore good to use a large size humidifier if your kid’s room is big.

2- Easy tank refilling: While choosing the right humidifier model also see whether the refilling water system is portable and easy.

Refill tanks or bottles of your humidifier should exactly fit into your faucets otherwise while emptying the refill tank some water may be left inside.

This is good to check if you want your teenage kids to do the necessary maintenance job themselves.

3- Humidifiers with humidistat: Humidifier with inbuilt humidistat are preferable as they keep the humidity of the room within 30 to 50 percent, thus preventing the mucus to form into molds.

Humidifiers not having a humidistat may cause excess moisture in the air, causing discomfort for those suffering from asthma or have allergenic tendencies.

Humidity should be around 30% in the winter season and not exceeding 50% during summer, and this is where the humidistat proves useful.

4- Low water indication & auto shut off: Another feature which must be considered is whether the humidifier has an indicator light for low water level or not. This will help you know when the tank needs the refilling.

A useful and effective humidifier will also be equipped with a safety shut-off feature in order to prevent it from working when the water gets over.

You can actually have peace of mind, in spite of not being in sight. Moreover, when the unit shuts down automatically it saves you energy and lengthens the life of the unit.

5- Cleaning and maintenance needed: High humidity and standing water encourage the growth of mold and mites. This can worsen the conditions and can also result in acute allergy problems.

Cleaning your humidifier on a regular basis is therefore important to reduce the problems anyhow. You should hence look for a humidifier machine that is easy to care and maintenance-free.

Models having mildew or mold protection helps in saving the cleaning time and are therefore best to opt.

Buying cool mist humidifiers for baby is now made easy with the availability of online stores and shops.

In fact, when you buy the products online at reliable sites such as Amazon, you need not worry about the genuineness of the product. So why not consider adding one to your room and make your family breathe easy.

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