All About Electric Essential Oil Diffusers [Different Types, Working & Benefits]

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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is basically a device used for diffusing essential oils into a room (at your home or office area).

These help in making the overall atmosphere soothing and pleasant. Also, it helps in relaxing one’s mind and soul by delivering the healing benefits of aromatherapy.

If you are planning to buy a good aromatherapy diffuser, do not take any risk in your selection as it directly affects your health.

Consider choosing one after you have gained enough knowledge about them, its various different types, working, and benefits.

Below we provide a detailed overview regarding this so that you can make a wisest buying decision.

How Does Oil Diffuser Work?

An electric oil diffuser is the best way to experience aromas from essential oils, especially for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

These devices work by using sound waves and ultrasonic vibrations which breaks down the molecules of essential oil into micro-molecules to disperse the fragrance of essential oil into the air.

You just have to put some drops your favorite essential oil into it and let it do the rest of work itself.

How Does It Make A Steam?

As soon as the device is switched on, there are ultrasonic vibrations developed inside the reservoir filled with water and essential oils.

Sound waves when irritates the water cause the particles of water and oil get separated from each other. The oil particles are then changed into negatively charged ions that are lighter than the air.

And as a result of diffuser breaking down the molecules of essential oils ultrasonically, it releases natural steam which freshens up and mends the quality of air around you.

Some of the diffusers also get engaged in the evaporation process due to the heat. However, these are good only to spread the aroma in the environment without providing much healing benefits to the body.

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

As such there are many types of essential oil diffusers. Some of these are:

  • Ultrasonic diffusers create vibrations to the oil surface with the help of electronic frequency. This does not use heat. The oil is vaporized and dispersed in the air by vibrations.
  • Cold air diffuser uses the nebulizer to diffuse the oil by using room temperature air. This diffuser is quick and efficient. But this cannot use for thick or heavy oils.
  • Evaporative diffuser is very basic using the fan to vaporize essential oil and spread into the air. This diffuser for small area such as vehicles.
  • Heat diffuser uses the source of heat to vaporize and spread the essential oils into space. This diffuser is not suggested because of the use of heat alter the molecular chemistry of essential oils.

In addition to the above, there is DIY essential oil diffuser that can be made easily at home by following certain tips and techniques.

For people who want to diffuse essential oils without a diffuser can try them out anytime they need.

Based on your preference you can pick and use the one which is most suitable for you.

We often recommend using electric essential oil diffuser for your home or workplaces as these are easy and safe to use.

Benefits Of Using An Essential Oil Diffuser

Let us check 20 amazing benefits offered by these devices. You will simply love knowing about them before you can make a decision to buy one online.

  1. Improves immune system
  2. Reduces stress, anxiety & depression
  3. Purify, humidify and cleanse the environment
  4. Being safe and eco-friendly can be used for baby room
  5. Light and compact to carry to the office, living room or while traveling

In addition to the above aromatherapy diffusers also help to combat the sore joints, overworked muscles and headache. Also, it helps in relieving from various allergies and respiratory issues like asthma, sinuses, etc.

It is also a safe alternative way to diffuse essential oils as incense and candles can impose the risk of burns and any mishaps.

Believe me, this can be a pleasant surprise gift for your family or friends. So why not give them the best relaxation and peace of mind through this device.

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