Do I REALLY Need A Whole House Humidifier?

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Humidity is essential for every home and a balanced humidity is vital for the entire family’s health and comfort.

But what happens if the climate changes drastically which causes changes in humidity levels too?

The safest way to maintain your residence from becoming too arid is to install a humidifier attached to your furnace. This works perfectly to humidify your whole house rather than a single room.

When the gas furnace heats the air inside your domicile, it will be pushing the moisture out of the air.

In order to maintain a proper living comfort and also to keep your valuables from breaking from lack of the moisture content, it is better to install a Furnace Humidifier inside your premises.

Do Furnace Humidifiers Really Work?

When the humidity in the atmospheric air we are breathing-in is lowered than the normal standard values many sorts of illness and allergies are caused.

Furnace humidifier offers various health benefits to the human body as they help us to reduce the common irritation of breathing the hot dry air.

The common issue that takes place due to hot temperature change is dehydration, it is occurring when the water content in our body cells dries up.

As a result, the body condition gets worsened and the elasticity of the skin is lost with the lost in normal function.

Apart from water loss dehydration causes some ligament pain, muscle pain, sore eyes, and raspy throat issues in our body.

In order to get rid of these common issues, a furnace humidifier or a whole-house humidifier is essential in your home to maintain proper humidity inside the premises.

How Do Installing Furnace Humidifiers Help?

One of the simplest approaches to maintain your residence from becoming too hot and dry is to fix a humidifier attached to your existing home furnace.

The Furnace Humidifier runs robotically with your existing furnace when the humidity levels drop below a certain standard value or point.

The Furnace Humidifier will draw the required amount of water directly from a water connection in your home, a low safeguarding method to have a normal humidifier on a continuing basis.

These Furnace humidifiers are well designed for providing specific moisture productivity, which is rated in the unit gallons per day (GPD).

The furnace humidifiers working procedure is a little diverse from the operation of standard humidifiers types that are accessible as portable units.

In these types, the humidifier is positioned between the vessel that returns the hot air into the residence and the return path provided for the cold air that is drawn into the furnace itself.

>> One of the most noticeable benefits of the furnace humidifier is that only one such household appliance is required to wrap up the entire home from the dry and hot air conditions.

>> Secondly, as these furnace humidifiers can be directly incorporated into the existing heating arrangement or HVAC unit you do not have to worry about it running in your house ever again – it does its job automatically!

The synchronization can be easily achieved by incorporating the furnace humidifier with the existing heating arrangement.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Them At Home

Installing a perfect Furnace Humidifier will help you and your family to maintain proper humidity inside the house and also protects your family from various health issues regarding the abnormal humidity problems.

However, to get most out of your unit you need to check certain things before you install them at your place.

Below are a few common mistakes people make while picking the humidification system for the home. Check them out so you do not repeat them when buying…

1- Picking the wrong type

Installing a good system is a must as it keeps all the dry air problems at bay. Additionally, as these systems do not over humidify the area these also prevent the growth of mildew and molds inside due to excess moisture.

As there are various different types of humidifiers (cool mist, warm mist, evaporative, central, etc.) varying in features and working patterns you need to choose the one carefully after doing proper research.

Central humidifiers are the most expensive types and are meant for humidifying the complete apartment or building. You should definitely choose them if you want to get the best-controlled humidity all year round.

Also, make sure that you do not buy a room diffuser when you want to get a humidifier or vice versa.

Both these desvices works differently and are meant to serve different purposes. So choose the one after doing your proper research on this matter.

2- Choosing the wrong size

In general, installing a good humidification system is the LAST thing that most of people consider when building a home or office.

There are few who leave a space for a system to be installed at a later date because of financial issues. And there are many who use a portable sized humidifier at home when they have not installed the systems initially.

Well, not having a humidifier system is better than buying the wrong size as it does not provide you the needed comfort and environment you desire to have.

The capacity of a unit you are buying is, therefore, most essential to check.

In case you are in need of a central whole-house humidification system for your complete family or office staff, do not bother to go with a small portable room humidifier.

You are just wasting your money.

3- Buying the offensive/ cheap brand

There are many companies that may offer the needed range of products and services at comparatively low cost – you should actually avoid them.

You are advised to work with a brand or specialist who is capable to guide you in choosing the right type of humidification system for use.

Besides, it is significant to work with a company that provides a full line of services such as installation and after-sales services.

Brands like Honeywell, Vornado, AirCare, Aprilaire, etc. are best to choose when it comes to whole-house humidification systems. You can check more about them in detail online before choosing the one.

4- Hiring a wrong installation company

The reliability of an installation team, to give a fully qualified service, must be checked and confirmed.

The best person to hire is the supplier or manufacturer of the equipment. So, you need to implement a planned installation or maintenance schedule to make sure that your initial investment is not wasted.

Professionals that are most reliable follow best practice while providing their services regarding the humidification system.

And as they offer you the guaranteed services with full insurance, you need not worry about your system being installed incorrectly.

5- Ignoring the need for timely maintenance

The cleaning process of your humidifier is not only good for your health, but it is equally good for your humidifier’s health too.

Hence care has to be taken that you keep your device clean and hygienic in all conditions.

While getting them serviced you must follow the directions of the manufacturer about the maintenance and change of the filters/pads of the unit.

It is important that you use only the right materials that are suggested by the manufacturer for the cleaning and maintenance of your console humidifier systems.

Finally, check about your needs and install a good humidification system today itself for an easy and comfortable environment to live.

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