Top 10 Best Essential Oil Brands for Diffuser

Essential oils surely are a flourishing industry making billions and it seems like everyone wants a bite of it.

New brands keep coming up and it gets quite tough to decide which one is the best brand to go for.

Alert: fake essential oil brands are available everywhere these days.

So, how do you choose the best essential oil brand for you? Do you go with the known reliable brands or you choose a new one because it seems promising?

Well, here is a list of top 10 best essential oil brands for your diffuser, check them out before you buy one…

10 Best Essential Oil Brands

1. doTerra

Founded in 2008, this company has a big name in the health care field. As per their objective, they endeavor their best to bring a new standard of therapeutic essential oils to the world.

They offer a variety of products and all of them are of top quality. They have a decent following and people are ready to pay a premium price for their oils.

2. Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy brings you the best quality essential oils at a budget-friendly price. The good thing about the company is its transparency.

They offer multiple testing of the essential oils and publish all the details of the testing online for consumer view. Every bottle has a batch number which is used to check the test result.

The customer service is 100% at par and they always respond to your emails and queries.

Though the company doesn’t deal in a large number of products, whatever they have is totally incomparable.

3. Edens Garden

The brand has been in the run for the last 10 years. They have carved a name for themselves. The company ensures that its essential oils don’t have any pesticide and is 100% organic.

They also ensure that their products are 100% pure and of the therapeutic level. They offer a large range of blends at comparatively affordable rates.

They offer third party testing on their oils and publish the results.

4. Young Living

Started in 1993, the company has grown all over the world and is a pioneer leader in essential oils. They offer a wide selection of products and every product is surely up to the mark.

The customer service offered by Young Living is marvelous and they respond to all your queries and emails.

They offer a multi-level marketing model and you can easily find their essential oils online.

5. Rocky Mountain

If you are looking for original and affordable essential oils, then Rocky Mountain Oils is the right choice. They offer you a 90-day money-back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction.

This gives people confidence in the quality of their oils. The products are 100% pure and rigorously tested.

They provide info about the tests freely and every product has a label showcasing the test results.

6. Aura Cacia

A unique brand of essential oils, Aura Cacia is a big name in this field. They offer their best to print results but you need to be a member to witness the results.

They are ready to reprocess the oils if they don’t meet the standards. The oils are good overall and are available at a relatively cheaper rate.

7. Art Naturals

Though a new company in this field, they have shown incredible growth. They do not specialize in essential oils but they offer transparent testing processes and post all the third party results online.

The products they offer are cheap as compared to others and their customer service is good.

They try their best to serve you in the best possible way. You can also return the products in case of any dissatisfaction.

8. Lisse Essentials

The company began in 2014 but has grown to be a giant in offering substantial essential oils, carrier oils, and other accessories.

Their oils come from their country of origin and are 100% pure and organic. The oils are routinely tested for their quality and the test results can be requested online.

The prices are cost-effective and customer service is top-notch

9. Now Foods

Now Essential Oils provide a completely natural range of considerable quality products at cheap rates.

The good part is they are transparent and offer results through their in-house labs and third party companies which are published online.

The labels are also ok and have all the details you want to get. Since the oils are made of high-quality natural products these are a bit expensive.

10. Mountain Rose Herbs

The company is age-old but it didn’t directly begin with essential oils. However, they have come a long way and have produced essential oils which are suitable for the environment.

The labels are fully transparent and contain all the details you want to know. They perform tests on their oils and the results are public.

You can check the result with batch number. The customers are satisfied and prices also aren’t too bad.

What Brands Of Essential Oils Are Therapeutic Grade?

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are said to be different than Regular Aromatherapy Essential Oils.

The basic difference between the two lies in its Purity and Efficacy!

As such all the physical and environmental factors together create a big difference in the oil which results in the difference in the quality of oil extracted.

However, it could be confusing for the people to judge between both because the difference in the oil is so minor that most of the people don’t understand it.

If you are really concerned about the quality and want to purchase only the therapeutic grade essential oils brands, there are very few names available online that you can trust.

The top 3 major brands that sell 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils are:

  1. doTERRA
  2. Young Living
  3. Plant Therapy

Although there are many more that claims to sell pure therapeutic grade aroma oils, we recommend buying the oils from the above brands only.

As these are most reliable, trustworthy and oldest in the market you can rest ensured that the quality you will be getting is in accordance with the price you are paying for!

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