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EOilDiffuser.com is a great place to find information, tips, reviews and buying guides on Essential Oil Diffusers.

We are passionate about using natural essential oils and ways by which we can diffuse them in our homes and offices to get pleasing atmosphere.

We believe that installing them can be healthy for your home and family. And for this reason we advise everyone to get at least one of the different types available for their place.

Our Team

Liz Jones: Liz is an Austin based based freelance writer who loves using essential oils for her family.

With her vast knowledge about the subject she mainly writes here about using essential oils and diffuser for making home smell great.

Alison Orme: Alison is currently residing in Denver with her family. She moves often and know how things go bad when our homes are locked for so many days.

Using an aroma oil diffuser is one of the best ways she recommend for making some difference in the smelly air.

Laura Murton: Laura love experimenting with different types of diffusers and aroma oils. She is currently working here as a copywriter.

Our team is committed to bring you the latest and most relevant information and tips regarding oil diffuser.

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