5 Best Therapeutic Aroma Oils and Its Benefits

Nature has provided us with so many aromatic oils. Each and every aroma oil has its unique and extraordinary therapeutic effect. The history of usage of aromatic oils dates since the old Egyptian and Aryan civilization. In those days people used the aromatic oils for curing certain diseases, particularly the infectious and psychological disorders.

Even in those days people used concentrated aromatic oils to preserve certain items (particularly the dead bodies). One such example is the mummification process of Egyptian civilization.

Therapeutic Aroma OilsThus the therapeutic aroma oils and its benefits are extraordinary and everlasting. Some of the major therapeutic aroma oils which are commonly used in the present period are as follows:


The bright smell of peppermint freshens the breath, soothes the nauseating sensation and other stomach troubles. It also helps in ceasing the skin itches and cool the overworked muscles of the body parts.

Add little amount of good quality peppermint in a bowl of hot water and breathe the vapor. You may also use the oil in the electric aroma oil diffuser to get the benefits. It will help you to relieve the congestion in the throat, sinus and chest easily. The same vapors will also act on the chest muscles and makes it relaxed, so that you will get better and free breathing.


Everyone in the world likes the pleasing smell of lavender. It mainly helps in improving the sleep quality. It also helps in combating the joint pain, diseases pertaining with the respiratory and urinary system, high blood pressure and acne vulgaris.


The highly pleasing and lovable smell even above lavender is rose. Rose is the universal smell of all the love filled hearts. It balances the hormones in the body effectively and thus helps in treating PMS and menopause conditions. It also helps in improving the texture and glow of the skin.


Sesame oil is universally known for its moisturizing property and thus it is used largely for maintaining the health of the scalp, hair and skin. The sesame oil also contains rich amounts of fatty acids, which is believed to reduce the stress, cholesterol levels in the blood and blood pressure. Even it is proven that the sesame oil helps to slow down the growth of cancer cells.


Everyone of us know well about the main effect of cloves, that is, it is a potent analgesic, particularly for the toothache they will suggest keeping the cloves in the affected teeth area. The other major effect of cloves is that it helps in defending the bad breath. It is a potent antiseptic and is used in case of bug bites, cut injuries and scratches.

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