How Essential Oils Works in Elevating Your Mood?

Aromatic Essential Oils are the viscous liquids which have several properties and therapeutic effects in it when taken internally as well as externally. There are so many varieties of aroma oils available around us, among which few are edible and few are poisonous in nature. One such oil is the essential oil. The name itself explains you better that these are highly essential to the human body due to its general functions.

 Essential OilsSome of the essential oils are lavender, tea tree, sandalwood, rosemary, ylang ylang, lemongrass, clove, etc. Each and every essential oil have their own potentiality to produce certain effects in the human body. One such extraordinary effect which few essential oils create and change the human physiology is the mood elevation.

Few people may have the question in their mind that how essential oils works in elevating your mood? Few others will ask is there any scientific reason hidden behind for each and every essential oils. The best answer for this question is as follows:

 Whenever you smell a particular smell, the olfactory sensory receptors present in the nasal cavity will receive those smell signals and transfer it into a rapid nerve stimulus. This nerve stimulus reaches the brain and activates the olfactory area present in it.

Once the nerve stimulus for the particular smell reaches the olfactory area of the brain, immediately a backward signal from the olfactory area occurs which helps the human in interpreting the particular smell and finding it out. At the same time, the primary and secondary properties of the smell of the particular modality will also hit the brain and makes several changes in the brain signals by producing several hormonal mechanisms.

For example, the lavender oil helps in reducing the problems happening with depression, stress and anxiety. The same way when a person smells Ylang Ylang, then his or her self love feelings, confidence, joy and peace will be doubled than before. In case of sandalwood oil, the person will experience aphrodisiac and sedative effects.

Every single essential oil does not have a separate mechanism to elevate the mood of an individual. All the essential oils which have the property to elevate the mood follows the same mechanism of action only. The only thing is that the person should be aware of the smell at least once in his life before so that whenever he or she faces the essential oil smell again then he or she can get stimulated easily.

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